Friday Watchalong! Watch A Gentleman for Right Here at 3pm!

Woot, A Gentleman! Such a great Indian-American movie. I am super excited to watch it with y’all.

Right here in about half an hour, at 3pm Chicago time, we will all start up A Gentleman on googleplay or youtube or whatever we choose. And then I will start the comments up below, and you can leap in with your own comments. I’m excited!

294 thoughts on “Friday Watchalong! Watch A Gentleman for Right Here at 3pm!

  1. This is the most clearly Mr. and Mrs. Smith inspired bit, but the whole movie is very much Mr. and Mrs. Smith inspired, right? That vibe of making fun of action movies,a nd perfect suburban living, and the sort of black comedy take on assassins?


  2. Donuts! Cops eating Donuts! That’s part of the plan! And the movie doesn’t even bother underlining it, just trusts us to get it!


      • Agneepath, Amitabh’s early 90s cult hit. His character is a little boy who gets caught up in the gangster life and is raised partly by gangsters who then betray and try to kill him. There’s a lot more to it, but I think that is the big connection with this film. He also falls in love and gets married and tries to leave the life. Only Agneepath has a really tragic ending.

        The closest connection is just that Amitabh has an incredibly cool pre-explosion line “Be careful, the winds are strong today” and then BOOM. Which this movie borrowed.


  3. So the whole American period of his life just gave him Jackie to love him? And now he is back to being an action hero type guy? I guess I am okay with that, a sort of “home is her” message.

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  4. Damn, this movie really holds up to a second viewing. I think it just flew right over the heads of the audiences in India which is really too bad. And maybe it was too close to the bone for NRIs.


  5. This was super fun! I had to cancel plans because of the weather in NJ, so this really brought my mood up! Glad we could finally all watch it! A great American 4th of July pick!


  6. This was crazy fun. And now I have to drive off to a dog playdate at a friends’ house, listening to Bandook Meri Laila on a loop as I drive.

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