Amitabh Positivity and Katrina Kaif Birthday Week! 5 Things They Have in Common

Amitabh and Katrina Kaif! Who would have thought they had things in common? But they do! If you try, you can probably think of even more things than I list out.

  1. Complete outsiders to the film industry
Katrina Kaif in Boom 2003 | Katrina kaif bikini, Katrina kaif ...
Madhu debuted with Amitabh in Saat Hindustani | Malayalam Movie ...

2. Dated someone far more successful and famous than themselves early in their career

Katrina Kaif - Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Family Photos, Sisters, Brother
Amitabh jaya early young days | Vintage bollywood, Bollywood stars ...

3. Admired for their complete professionalism on set in all ways

Dressed As A Bride, Katrina Kaif Shares BTS Pics. The Internet ...
25 Pictures on the Sets of Don , Amitabh Bachchan Blockbuster Film ...

4. Parents purposefully left their heritage behind (Amitabh’s father rebelling by marrying for love, Katrina’s mother rebelling by traveling the world as a single Mom)

Katrina Kaif On Growing Up With A Single Mom: 'Not Having Father ...
Teji Bachchan

5. Both sit in double chairs because of their height.

Bharat': Katrina Kaif shares another picture of herself from the set
Amitabh Bachchan Paid A Surprise Visit On The Sets of Bajirao ...

Okay, I came up with 5! How many can you come up with?


6 thoughts on “Amitabh Positivity and Katrina Kaif Birthday Week! 5 Things They Have in Common

  1. I don’t know if this counts but both seem EXTREMELY private, about personal struggles as well as just general life. Compared to folks like Ranveer Singh and SRK who have Personas(TM), and compared to people like Hrithik who have their personal life come splashing out without control and poor damage containment in the aftermath—it *seems* like these two try to have both a minimal persona for the media and when something goes sideways it seems like they try to stay ahead of it if possible.

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    • Yes, I agree. They both seem to really cling to their privacy and get no pleasure from being the center of attention, seeing it as more a price they pay for their career rather than a bonus.

      On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 9:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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