Sunday WatchAlong 10am Sunday Time, DILWALE DULHANIA LEJAYANGE! Who Can Join?

Okay, moment of truth! If I have a watchalong on Sunday morning instead of Friday, who could/would come?

Sunday 10am Chicago time! Movie to be determined! Kirre can come, because she is my little reliable partner. But I don’t think I got any other confirmations?

If I don’t get any more, I may end up just changing to Monday? I’m taking the day off work so I could do 1pm or 2pm or 3pm Chicago time on Monday instead of Sunday.

Oh, and I was thinking about what movie would be soothing and pleasant and my happy place for when I am sick and, no duh, DDLJ! OBVIOUSLY!!!!

So if you want to attend the DCIB DDLJ watchalong, let me know if Sunday or Monday is good for you.


14 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong 10am Sunday Time, DILWALE DULHANIA LEJAYANGE! Who Can Join?

  1. 10 AM is 8 AM CA time right? I think I can do it! BUT my father-in-law just had a stroke, if he is released from the hospital that day etc. there is a chance we won’t be in town. However, the last thing a person recovering from stroke wants are three active and loud boys running around them, so most likely I won’t be going anywhere. I’m thinking positive thoughts about your toe!


    • Oh my gosh, Genevieve! How stressful for you! Here i am wigging out about nothing and you’ve got an actual medical crisis going.

      Yes, 8am pacific. And ddlj is super long and slow to start, so you can join whenever. There’s even some fight scenes for your boys.


      • My father in law made a joke today, one of his sons was describing the different kinds of strokes people could have, and he said “Different Strokes for Different Folks.” So while he may not be able to maintain their off-the-grid house for some time, I know the puns will continue for years to come. Esposo is going up this weekend and I’m trapped alone with the children, so there is nothing preventing me from watching Sunday morning! Yeah. Hope your toe recovery is going well!


  2. I MIGHT have plans on Sunday, not sure yet, not even sure what time so I don’t know how much these not really plans would interfere with hypothetical movie watching, so as of right now I am free both days but that might change. Monday I’m free any time after 12pm Eastern time, which is an hour ahead of Chicago I believe.


    • Oooo. Maybe i do a Sunday movie and a back up Monday movie if Sunday goees well?

      Anyway, as i just said to Genevieve, DDLJ is nice and long, so you can jump in whenever you are free on Sunday.


  3. We’ll pretty much be settling in at our holiday apartment on Sunday, so I’m not sure how well my wife would take trying to get alone time for a movie. But I’ll keep the time in mind in case it does work out.


    • I have no idea. I’m still hoped up on pain pills and anesthesia from surgery, so right now my reaction is “YES! That is a great idea! I will eat bubble gum ice cream and die my hair purple and talk to the shadows on the wall, and also watch that movie!” But that is probably a temporary reaction, I will swing back to you when I am not on drugs.


    • YAAAAAY! You tipped the scales! You and Kirre are definites, and everyone else is maybes, so that’s good enough! I’m doing it!

      On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 6:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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