Happy Rahul Bose Day! A Holiday Just For Me and Miss Braganza

Oh Rahul Bose! Short, intense, talented, feminist, unpredictable, and looks great in a black turtleneck. Also, star of some of the most interesting films to talk about.

When I first got into Indian films back in 2004, Rahul Bose was accepted as the sexiest excitingist bestest of the young parallel male actors. He had Mr. and Mrs. Iyer from the serious side, and Jhankaar Beats from the light side. Then he went right into solid mainstream comedy with Pyaar Ke Side Effects, which did so-so. Didn’t matter, he was still in our minds, he was a face and a name we knew.

English, August (1994) - IMDb
Starting with English, August, released in 1993 and starting Rahul’s film career. Which he then of course left behind because he was really more interested in stage work, and weird movies about drugs and homosexuality that could barely get released.

Turns out, only people who entered films in 2004 would know him that way! Because Rahul just didn’t want it. You know how movie stars will do a buzzy interesting risky film no one else wants to get people talking about them and leverage that into their real career? Rahul keeps doing those movies, and then not leveraging. He just likes doing the buzzy interesting risky films. He’s had almost three decades of the buzzy interesting films and is no closer to “leveraging” to a real career than he was at the start.

He isn’t even interested in working steadily as an actor! He acts, he also directs, and he writes. He does a lot of stage work. He works on his not-for-profit. He hosts interesting television projects. He is completely frustrating to those of us who want other people to find and love him like we do.

And it’s so easy to love him! You see him in one movie and go “whoa, who’s the super good actor dude that is also strangely hot?” Heck, you see him in real life and feel the same way. Back 15 years ago, my sister got to see him live at some post-filming Q&A thing and said he was way way shorter than you realize, and also super can’t-take-your-eyes-off-him sexy.

Anyway, Rahul Bose! 52 years old today, just as hot as ever, riding high post Bulbbul, could have any project he wants, and will no doubt choose to do a stage play about endangered tiger’s or something and disappear again until he suddenly pops up in some other random female directed/produced movie 2 years from now.

Rahul Bose shocked as five-star charges Rs 442 for 2 bananas ...

5 thoughts on “Happy Rahul Bose Day! A Holiday Just For Me and Miss Braganza

  1. I cringe as I type this but my favorite Rahul Bose movie is Mumbai Matinee (2003). A very weird comedy that seems based on The 40 Year Old Virgin but actually came out first. Bose is so sweet, trying everything to break his sexless existence, turning into an inadvertent, and still virginal, porn star. And it has my beloved Vijay Raaz as his….love guru? Good for a watch, just don’t expect much. It’s on Netflix. ,


  2. Yaaaayyyyyy the most wonderful day of the year! I will just read these articles before I light the Rahul Bose cake and sing the Rahul Bose carols.

    You forgot to mention: in addition to acting in odd movies, writing odd movies, directing odd movies, writing editorials, and running his foundation, Rahul was actually on the Indian national rugby team until his late forties!

    I also loved Mumbai Matinee. I think it got shellacked by critics but it really is funny and sweet. It is about a guy getting tricked into making porn, but just a warm, lovely, happy story.

    Wouldn’t be here on this website typing this without Chameli, the movie that made me think Indian movies might be for me. His understated performance is a perfect foil for Kareena’s big blowsy one. Also, man is he hot in this. Just a plain white business shirt, but I remember it vividly.

    All my other favorites are ambiguously ending but pretty sad Bengali movies (Antaheen, The Japanese Wife) or very difficult independent ones (I Am, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer), except of course for Jankaar Beats and DDD. Oh, but he was on Koffee with Karan with Konkona when Mr. and Mrs. Iyer came out and they were super smart and funny.

    I really envy your sister. I briefly worked with someone who went to school with him, but it’s not the same. How teeny is he? Unlike so many stars he doesn’t seem to have an issue with his height and jokes about it all the time and takes photographs in which it’s clear he’s looking his costar in the collarbone, but official sites say 5’6″ which is pretty much the same thing they say for every Indian male star except Amitabh.


    • Tragically, I can’t give you real teeny-ness data. My sister and I might have a slightly skewed version of male height, either you are 6 feet or you are short for us.

      How could he be on a Rugby team! He is so tiny! People could just pick him up and carry him around the field!

      I still haven’t seen Chameli, but keep beating away on it and some day I might. However, I will never ever ever watch Mr. and Mrs. Iyer.

      On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 12:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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