Toe Update! It’s Bright Pink!

In case you are interested, I have a toe update! And of course you are interested, my toe is fascinating.

My toe! It is now bright pink, because I got the bandages redone yesterday. So fancy!

It hurts enough that I have a hard time sleeping, but not so much that I really notice it when I am doing other things. I took pain pills the first few days, I had to take them with food so right before bed I had a bowl of cereal and my pill. Now I am not taking the pill, but still having the cereal which does seem to kind of work for tricking my brain! I have it, and immediately get sleepy and fuzzy headed. The biggest irritation is that I can’t put it on the floor unless I am wearing a ridiculous enormous hideous boot thing.

Also irritating, no independence! With the boot and a cane I can ouch my way across the apartment myself, but I’ve really only got about 10 minutes standing before it starts to hurt too much. But I am trying! I made myself lunch yesterday, all by myself.

And then my Dad made me dinner which was maybe slightly nicer than the meal I made for myself.

Okay, big finale! Do you want to see what my foot looked like when they took the bandages off? If not, just stop reading now. But it’s not really THAT bad, just kind of yellow and swollen with gross stitches on the side.

11 thoughts on “Toe Update! It’s Bright Pink!

  1. Thanks for the update. Also, while the last picture did make me a bit fuzzy, I am glad I saw it because just by looking at your first picture, I was wondering if you had a purple tattoo on your foot and was curious about what it meant. But alas no, its just hospital scribbles. Also, what did your dad make you for dinner?


    • My Dad heated up split pea soup, and cut up an apple to go with it, plus some fresh cucumber and grape tomatoes, and a bowl of almonds. Basically the same as my heating up microwave popcorn for lunch.

      Yes, I have purple marker to show which foot should be operated on. I could wash it off just with water probably, but I can’t get the bandage wet, so I guess it will stay there until I get the bandages off once and for all. At least it’s pretty and purple!

      On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 9:28 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. That last photo is Frankenfoot!! But it looks so cute all wrapped in pink. Love your self-made lunch. It made me miss our microwave. I’m wondering if I plug the air popper in outside, perhaps that would make popcorn less messy (with children).


    • What happened to your microwave??? What terrible thing occurred? I couldn’t survive without mine! Which is funny, because I am old enough to barely remember life before microwaves. So I guess I did survive somehow. I remember a lot of stop top reheating with a little bit of water added and it never tasted tht good.

      On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 10:05 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • About five years ago our microwave broke. Relatives gave us a new one about a month later, and within a year THAT microwave broke. Our kitchen is not spacious, we didn’t use the microwave much (whenever I reheat food with it I hate the hot and cold spots the food gets, and the harder areas that happen when I reheat too long), so we thought, blah, lets just not get one and see if we can survive. It has been four years, and we CAN survive. Heating coffee is more annoying on the stove top as then you have to wash a pot, but it tastes the same. I prefer stove-top reheated beans. But a microwave would be preferable for reheating lasagna or pasta. And I always had fun watching the popcorn bags inflate. But we just don’t reheat pasta enough to justify the the space that large box takes up, and air-popped and stove popped popcorn tastes better. I had a microwave for most of my childhood and I think I’m a decade older. My parents use a microwave all the time.


        • Your life is very different from mine. You mean you don’t live on 90 second heat in bag microwave food that you eat alone in a dark room while watching TV before going to bed?

          On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 10:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Hope your toe recovers soon and you are up and about. Do the stitches come off or they self absorbing type? It appears so in the photo – Is your second toe taller than the big toe?


    • Stitches come out, but the doctor has to take them out. I think maybe that’s part of why this process is so loooooooooooong? They are big messy stitches and if I move around too much, they are going to pop and damage the skin, instead of the nice pretty self-absorbing ones. Anyway, two more weeks before I lose them.

      Yes, I think my second toe is longer! Actually, I’m curious about this, I think this surgery should make my big toe a hair shorter than it used to be. So maybe it used to be the same height but has shrunk down now?


  4. The pink bandage makes it look like it’s ready to go out. I want the toe to go on adventures. Maybe very small adventures around the house, if that’s all it can manage to begin with. Like the dust balls in my friend’s apartment.

    Oh! Maybe what the toe needs is googly eyes.


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