Amitabh’s Negative and At Home! Abhishek Still in Hospital

Thank you Kirre for keeping an eye on this and alerting me! Such nice news to wake up to. Well, nice/not nice.

Amitabh is home, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And tested negative. But is still quarantining. Huh. Everyone I know who had it was careful but stopped quarantining once their symptoms subsided. But then, that was a few months back and they weren’t constantly tested all along, just the one positive test (or diagnosed by symptoms). Maybe it’s different if you are tested and tested until the moment you are negative.

Tell you one thing though, so long as Amitabh is stuck in at home quarantine he will FOR SURE be continuing to play with his smart phone photoshop tool.

And Abhishek is still in hospital and mentions concern about a “comorbidity”. I don’t know about you, but now I feel terrible! We were all shaking our heads over Abhishek being admitted with Amitabh and assuming it was some privilege thing, how did none of us even consider he might be living with a mild health condition that would make hospitalization a good idea?

He could easily have mild asthma or other lung disorder, diabetes, weak blood, mild cancer, all kinds of things that don’t affect his day to day life or which he needs to make public and yet make this disease a cause of serious concern. Booo on humanity (myself included)! Why did we assume that the Bachchans were taking advantage of privileges and the hospitals were letting them instead of assuming there was a perfectly valid health reason we didn’t know?

On the other hand, yaaaaaaaaaay on hospitals! And Bachchans! Abhishek and the family clearly do not feel it is any of our business exactly what comorbidity Abhishek has, so they don’t care about all of our speculation and insults, they are going to stay private. And the hospital will let us assume they bowed to money and pressure rather than revealing private medical information about their patients. Only now, after weeks of speculation, is Abhishek going as far as to reveal even this much.

Final little human thing, Amitabh is now home from hospital and on the mend, but can we also remember that he is 77 years old, alone, and knowing that his son is sicker than he is? Poor guy. I’m glad he has weird twitter photos and poetic quotes to distract him.


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