Courtney! What Movie Are We Watching Friday? And When?

Or I suppose you could NOT celebrate your birthday with an internet watchalong with a bunch of strangers, that’s okay too. But you can still pick the movie! And then just swing back and read all our comments later.

Any movie you like! And you can pick the start time too, Rachel made us change up to be a couple hours later for her birthday, so that’s allowed too.

We can watch Humpty

We can watch Student of the Year again

We can watch War again

We can even watch Kalank, but watch out for us making fun of it


(so long as it is Indian and not hideously depressing. This is not a crowd that wants to watch, like, the latest film on female infanticide)

4 thoughts on “Courtney! What Movie Are We Watching Friday? And When?

  1. I got very confused at first when I saw this email directed at me. But I am not one to want to watch the latest film on female infanticide either, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    I did think about SOTY again, but we already watched it and I think we got all our feelings out already, I know I did about Sid and Varun’s deep romantic love for each other, so I don’t think there’s much to add. I didn’t wanna go with something we already did a watchalong for anyway. So my pick is something that I think the blog generally likes and certainly one that I adore, easily accessible, and also probably what literally everyone expected from me.


    Prepare for me crying about how much I love Varun and Alia together, how I think there are certain things this movie did better than DDLJ (I know, controversial), and my very strong opinions on Alia’s outfits.

    In terms of the time, the usual has been working out well for me so far, since NJ is only an hour ahead of Chicago. I don’t have any plans right now on Friday either aside from washing my hair, which, as someone with thick curly hair, is a process. The only thing I can think to do different is MAYBE move it up an hour to 3pm EST, just so I can time my hair washing (and drying) well and so that I won’t be unexpectedly dragged somewhere in the middle of the day with my mom or something. But that I’m at least flexible on. I don’t know.

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    • 3pm EST works just as good for me, let me know if you want to switch by Thursday and we can do that!

      And YAY!!!!! HUMPTY SHARMA!!!!! Everyone will be SO HAPPY FOR YOU.

      On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 8:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Ahhh I am soo happy you are picking this movie, Courtney! I am so with you on how this movie did some things so much better than DDLJ (Margaret, please don’t ban me).

    I am going to try and take a 1/4 day vacation so I can fully watch this with you without any interruptions.

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    • I won’t say the movie is better than DDLJ, but I will say the world is better than DDLJ. Alia is a far more independent and confident and experienced young woman than Kajol, because her Dad is a better Dad than Amrish. And also, sexier!

      Make sure Theo knows you are watching a movie as well, no walkies or playtime, it’s VERY IMPORTANT.

      On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 8:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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