Friday Watchalong Here! Humpty Sharma, Starting at 2pm Chicago Time!

Woo-hoo! Courtney’s birthday, party time! And Humpty time! 2pm Chicago time this week (an hour earlier than usual), and a very good movie. I’ll start the comments off at 2pm and you all can keep commenting along.

Humpty Sharma! So much better than the title implies. If you’ve already seen it, you probably already love it. If you haven’t seen it, prepare to love it.


390 thoughts on “Friday Watchalong Here! Humpty Sharma, Starting at 2pm Chicago Time!

  1. “This shrub loves Kavya.” So many good lines, I can’t decide which gets to the heart of the movie. All of them. Had to stop typing to watch this incredible speech.

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  2. My favorite part is him pointing out that Singh would react exactly the same if someone looked at his wife, because you know it is true! he just thinks Angad is better than him.

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  3. There were some parts where I thought Alia didn’t love Varun as much as he did her, but she just shows it differently. I always think about this quote about love, where you just put in names. So here it would be “Varun loves in loud explosions, Alia loves in gentle waves”. Doesn’t make either one less than the other, but I like the showcase.


    • Yes! And it’s part of their courtship, Varun keeps feeling uncertain, like maybe she doesn’t care. And Alia keeps feeling like maybe he cares but it will go away as quick as it came.


      • I think this scene is a direct correlation to the terrace scene when Varun asks Alia why she loves him and Alia says, love doesn’t have a reason. She just does. She is sure; he is uncertain he is worthy of her compared to Angad. She was always going to fight for him. He just needed to get that.


  4. They left on a train, he is walking around blocks, checks FB to see that she is married because everyone INSTANTLY changes their FB settings… Where is he? The location is confusing me.


  5. The other things that bothers me about this movie is that the ending with Varun and Ashtoush doesn’t make sense if you haven’t seen DDLJ. I show it to people anyway, because great chemistry and everyone loves romcoms, but it makes me hesitate.


  6. Okay, I looked it up, Ambala is about 3 and a half hours from Delhi by road. And Ashutosh runs a trucking company after all. So they can just load their half of the wedding party into trucks and take the party on the road.

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    • I did notice that the scene with Alia and Ashtoush is during the day, and then it’s night when they’re in Delhi. So all this seems reasonable.


  7. I am smiling like an idiot. I had the most fun watching this. Thank you Margaret for hosting, letting me pick, and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Love this community.

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