I Am Going to Try to List 5 Good Things About My Foot Recovery

I feel so predictable, but it’s been almost 4 weeks and I am SICK SICK SICK of my stupid foot and the stupid bandages and the stupid boot. I thought I was going to prepare and be smart and not mind at all, but nooooooooo. I’m just like every other patient

My doctor tricked me, sort of, he told me last week that at my next appointment he might be changing the rules. And I had visions of total recovery, running marathons, and so on. No, he just took out the stitches and said maybe, if I was very good, I could take a sitting down shower without bandages on Sunday night. And then bandage it up again. BOOOO! Of course, now it’s two days later and my foot is starting to really feel itchy and the no-bandage-shower that I was so scornful of is very very appealing. Dumb doctor, predicting how I will feel about things before I know how I will feel.

Okay, positivity practice! 5 good things, and I am publishing them on the blog so they will feel really really true.

  1. My Mom tucks me in every night! Why did I ever stop letting that happen? I was a fool. Anyway, it’s hard for me to manouver with the stupid surgical boot, and after a day in bed my sheets are in such an uproar I can’t sleep. So every night my mom straightens the sheets and everything and then folds them back and plumps the pillows, and I get into bed, and she pulls them up under my chin and kisses my forehead and turns out the light, and I sleep and sleep and sleep
  2. I am building spatial reasoning skills. It’s kind of like playing “the floor is lava”, if you weren’t allowed to leave your little bed island, so I have gotten very good at stuff like sliding a book along the floor until it nudges the dropped phone to just within my reach.
  3. I don’t have to clean up after the dog when he has an accident, because I can’t bend that way
  4. My parents can’t get frustrated with me for hiding in my room and spending the weekend in bed, because I can’t do anything else.
  5. And of course, after all of this I will have a fixed foot.

Okay, 5 good things! So it’s not all horrible after all.

8 thoughts on “I Am Going to Try to List 5 Good Things About My Foot Recovery

  1. Yay, you’ve made it almost four weeks into your recovery! The surgery could have not happened like you feared, and you could have had to reschedule and do all those prep appointments all over again, and then you would be at the very beginning when your toe still hurt and you had weeks and weeks of laying about still in your future. But no! Everything is going great and your toe is so healthy you get to take an honest to goodness shower, and soon enough you’ll get to hobble about, and then limp for a bit, and then it will all be behind you and you’ll mostly just remember how your mom tucked you in every night.

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    • Yes! This is how I need to think! Not about how frustrating and boring it is to be in bed all day everyday, but how none of this will really matter in just a little while.

      On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 11:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Glad that your toe is healing. Yes, recovery is often daunting. My neighbor had a knee replacement surgery and I get updates almost everyday about how the progress has been slow. Everyone around him makes sure he does his exercises and stuff. So I am hoping that him and you will be up and about soon.
    I watched Slacker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB4xlYKAVCQ) directed by Richard Linkletar today and I think it is best movie to watch when some one is have this feeling of nothing good happening. The movie is people just conversing about nothing important and the feeling I got is, yes, it is fine just to be and not having any ambitions or goals.


  3. Dear Margaret’s foot, please heal. May the bones grow straight and strong with healthy blood flowing along. Fresh skin tingling with zeal cover wriggling toes that want to feel feel feel. Feel the grass, feel the carpet, feel the water in the bathtub and slop it. Heal foot Heal. Heal for Margaret. The faster you heal the faster you’ll feel it. Heal for he grass, heal for the carpet, heal for the bathtub, heal for the slop it…. I read a lot of children’s books. Hugs and good luck!

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  4. Happy Thought: within four hours SRK’s Facebook post for Independence Day has more likes and comments than any political leaders.


    • THANK YOU! I would never have found that out myself, and it makes me so so SO happy. As does the frozen chocolate cake I am eating with a spoon (it is possible that I am a bit hormonal today)

      On Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 1:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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