Friday WatchAlong: I! The Bonkers Tamil Movie! Just Because I Want to Watch it Again! 24 Hours From Now, 3pm Chicago Time Friday

No idea if anyone (besides Kirre, of course) will be able to show up this week, so I went with the movie that I wouldn’t mind watching again even if it was just by myself. The songs are so crazy, and the visuals so amazing!

I! (that is, capital-letter-i)

It’s a Tamil movie by Shankar, so totally bonkers with an amazing Rahman soundtrack, like all Shankar movies. It’s on Prime, and probably einthusan as well. If you like epic crazy musical theater of the Phantom of the Opera kind, you might enjoy it. Or if you like snarking on bonkers plots, you might enjoy it. I know I will enjoy it!

We will start at our usual 3pm time, nothing exiting going on to change it this week. I will put up a comment saying “play” and then you will all play, and we will comment along on a post right here at DCIB.

Really, give this movie a try! It’s far more entertaining than it deserves to be.

10 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: I! The Bonkers Tamil Movie! Just Because I Want to Watch it Again! 24 Hours From Now, 3pm Chicago Time Friday

  1. Wow. I just watched a few of the song videos and they are all so stunning. Like, I’ll buy whatever she’s selling. I really wish I had the time to get into Tamil movies, because those over the top show pieces excite me in a way my first Hindi film experiences did. Though it’s weird to recognize Amy Jackson, who I am actually most familiar with from “Supergirl”.


    • YES! Thank you! Finally someone who remembers Amy Jackson was in Supergirl! I find her downright fascinating. I thought of her as kind of a joke, this white lady who makes Indian movies, and then I saw her in an Akshay Kumar movie playing the “sexy” one and was extremely unimpressed. But watching her in her Tamil stuff, by golly she is GOOD. Her dialogue is all dubbed, which is almost standard for southern heroines anyway, but her dancing is great, and she really takes the camera with her face, and a lot of her non-dialogue acting was super impressive. But mostly, I am impressed with the way she calmly takes whatever work is offered to her, whether it is a big budget big heroine part like this, or a small role in Supergirl, or a “sexy” role in a Hindi film. Seems very grounded and just about the work.

      On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 7:47 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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