Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Build an Elliptical!

Happy Saturday! If you are an American, then I assume you are entering today full of grief. That’s okay, DCIB is still your happy place, we will be happy and silly here and only talk about happy things.

Remember last weekend I got an elliptical delivered in a big box? This weekend, I get to assemble it! There’s only, like TEN THOUSAND PARTS. So, that’s gonna kill the whole day. It’ll be fun!

Things to talk about! Happy silly things, as silly as I can make them!

Virat and Anushka are pregnant!

You know the new trend of naming a baby a combination of the parents’ two names? Let’s play that game! Only, try to come up with the WORST possible combination, not the best. Some terrible suggestions from me:





It’s Halloween! In like a month! But still, time to think about costumes. If you could dress up as anything from Indian film, what would it be?

I’m sticking with Fearless Nadia, always and forever.

Fearless Nadia: Google celebrates 110th birthday of India's original stunt  queen with a Doodle

But you can feel free to pick your favorite Helen costume, for instance. Please add photo in comments 🙂

And finally, here’s a fun one, it’s National Dance Day! What is our favorite recent dance number in Indian film? Not a song video, just the dancing? I’m gonna be boring and go with “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar”

44 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Build an Elliptical!

    • Nushvi is pretty terrible, I like it!

      OMG, Rishi’s outfit! I vaguely remembered spangles, I had forgotten the heart necklace, and the matching hat. It would be the perfect costume but (obviously), you would need the whole thing entire, plus accessories and a trumpet.

      On Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 10:02 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. SRK’s new ad shot during the pandemic. He doesn’t even have a costume. He’s just wearing his own clothes.

    Has he straightened his teeth during his break? Or is that VFX?


  2. I actually have an Amitabh Don costume, with the black and green plaid jacket. Never had the chance to wear it out, though.

    Dances in movies are bad now if they have them at all, the only ones I’ve liked for years are a few item songs and the ones from War. I did like the arrow one in Simla Mirch, I guess.


    • Forgot to add that aside from Don, all my dream ouftis are Ranjeet’s. He has one shirt in particular which had a heart-shaped cut out if I remember correctly that is truly astounding. But all his stuff is good.


        • I think that was Kartik Aryan. From the new PPAW, right? I feel like I’m butchering his name spelling for some reason, but I’m pretty sure that was him.


          • You’re right! Apologies to Varun, although he’s still remaking Coolie No. 1 which is also bad. I never know if it’s worse that they’re remaking one of the worst Govinda movies or better than butchering a good one.


  3. This is slightly off-topic….can we have a discussion on Kangana’s recent actions…I am really curious to hear your thoughts about WHY she is doing all this…is it because:
    a) This has no meaning…she is suffering from a disorder and needs help
    b) This is a carefully crafted strategy to kickstart her political career
    c) This is political but not strategic…she is just a smokescreen for BJP…they are using her to create noise/distraction…and will forget about her tomorrow
    d) she really is the one and only crusader who is working to expose the drug underbelly of the industry and stand up to the powerful system
    e) something else?
    What do you think is going on?


    • So first, no we can’t have a discussion.

      I feel, and i think a lot of people here agree, that it is a combination of a and c. Which means any discussion would break the “happy place” policy.

      There have already been commentators who have said that Kangana’s actions, and the way they are tolerated, have poisoned their joy in the Hindi film industry. I want more joy in the world, not less, so no Kangana talk.


      • But … but … but she’s an ENTIRE melodramatic Bollywood film all her own!
        There’s so much to mine there – perhaps a single post we can ask questions on and discuss? I have a need to know!!!


        • There’s a whole bunch of those posts! Until she crossed the line into violent threats and straight up political mouthpiece, I covered a lot. It’s just the new stuff that is too dark to handle.

          Check out the Kangana-Hrithik posts, the post on Class, and the posts on Manikarnika.

          On Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 9:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Ushkat!

    Feel like a Bulbbul costume would be appropriate this year. Grown up Tripti’s clothes are stunning so pretty much any of those.

    Then chudail by night with long wild hair and backwards feet.


    • Ushkat! That’s pretty good. They should have twins, one named Tushka and the other named Ushkat.

      Bulbbul would be an excellent costume. Especially if you could figure out how to make foot thing happen.

      On Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 2:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. For national dance day, please enjoy this happy couple dancing together to Tere Bina:

    They probably have a super fun marriage.

    I want to be Rekha for Halloween. Maybe Rekha in her nutty Do Anjane clothes or in her beatiful Umrao Jaan clothes or maybe just Rekha in her personal life.


  6. I am watching Kaamyaab. I am so in my Hindi movie happy place. I love the side characters that pop up in a million movies. You know Margaret, the Johnny Lever types. ;P
    (Anupam Kher can totally dress in drag and eat crackers in my bed!)


  7. Please update us with how many pieces the elliptical is down to now. Did you go from ten thousand bits to one functioning elliptical? Half an elliptical, five thousand pieces to go? One whole elliptical plus assorted twenty odd pieces that seem like they were maybe supposed to go somewhere?

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    • One whole elliptical! It was shockingly easy to put together! I splurged and got a name brand more expensive version and it was worth it. The whole thing took me about 4 hours, just like the reviews promised.

      It’s not as powerful as the big heavy ones at the gym, but it will do the job and I am very happy.


  8. If I ever dress up for Halloween, it would be Pakeezah’s green dress,minus the jewellery.As I can wear a jama,an anarkali would not be any cultural appropriation(which I fear with Bengali attires).And who cares for gender norms anyway.
    The Virushka baby names had me cackling,especially Ratka!
    I just heard someone making a ludicrous claim that Bollywood didn’t make feminist movies at all before the arrival of said person.With the exception of “mera pati mera devta”movies of 60s family dramas,the tagalong love interest of the 70s masala movies and “daddy mai uske bina nahi ji sakti”girls of the 90s,we had so many feminist films especially from Bengali directors and parallel cinema wave.Maybe I need to rewatch Guddi,Mili,Abhimaan and Silsila where Jaya slayed it,as the young folks say.Meena must be rolling in her grave.Or perhaps,writing some stunning poetry that would be too hard to understand for in-the-process-of-education starlets(I am referencing Naseeruddin,everyone’s favourite sarcastic uncle).


  9. In the small bit of happy category, Fawad apparently has an online quiz show and Sanam Saeed from Zindagi Gulzar Hai (and Cake) posted a promo where she and Farhad Mustafa are guest stars.

    (Of course, this just makes me crave a real show or movie where we could see them back together, now that Sanam is more grown up.)


  10. Ok, but Jai Jai Shivshankar is a fantastic choice. I’ve kept coming back to that video recently cuz it just makes me so happy. And when I’m finally reading this (October 2nd) it’s the first anniversary of War! I know that’s probably the wrong post to put this on, but I am definitely celebrating.

    And if we’re putting YouTube dances into the mix, you have to watch this. So bouncy! So many expressions! I want a movie of them!

    I also need film recommendations. I wanna watch Dolly Kitty at some point, but I’ve also been debating watching Lagaan or Jodhaa Akbar or Bang Bang or something else that I haven’t seen that everyone else has.


    • You would love both Bang Bang and Jodha-Akbar I think. And we just finished our Friday Watchalong of J-A, so if you watch it now, you can read along in our comments!

      On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 7:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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