Shahrukh Month/Halloween Post: What is SRK’s Scariest Movie????

Obviously the best SRK Halloween movie is Paheli. That’s not even a question. But what is his scariest movie? His “I have to watch it with the lights on” movie?

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Shahrukh Month Silly Sunday: Spooky Sunday! What Kind of Ghost Movie Should SRK Be In? Classic Horror, Not Romance Like Paheli

Shahrukh Khan Ghost Movie! I SHOULD be writing my Little Things reviews, but I don’t wanna. I already did stuff today, subbed as a teacher for the church youth group (do teens just not talk? Courtney, how do you make them talk? It’s so BORING), and took my car in for an oil change, and all kinds of useful things. I don’t wanna do more stuff! I wanna do fun brainless stuff! Like write Ghost Movies for SRK!!!!

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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Exactly One Week Before Shahrukh’s Birthday?

Happy Monday! I had to get up and out the door before 7am to move the goshdarn car. Next weekend I am tempted to have my parents pick me up and drive me back because it is just SUCH a hassle finding parking by them! Why do they have to live in such a hip happening cool city neighborhood?

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Wednesday Watching Post/Happy Halloween! What Spooooooky Things Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening To This Week?

Happy Wednesday!  I can’t believe I’m not even halfway through this week.  I think either we need to lose a whole bunch of clients or my boss has to hire another person to help me.  Thank goodness I have Shahrukh’s Birthday to look forward to on Friday and Jab Harry Met Sejal Day on Sunday.

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Happy Halloween!!!! Ghost Stories For Hindi Film! So, Romantic Ghost Stories!

Today was already a crazy day at work, and then the fire alarm went off and made it crazier.  So there is no way I will be able to write a substantive post today (especially since I still have to write tomorrow’s K3G review) and instead I am just going to repost some old Halloween content.  Halloween!  It’s a thing! Continue reading