Happy Birthday Hrithik! Which is Your Best Dance/Sexiest Song/My Favorite of Your Songs?

This seems like a happy and fruitful discussion topic, right? Especially since Hrithik has an oddly short filmography so you can watch all the songs right now in order to refresh your memory.

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Hindi Film 101: A Very Very General History of Dance

Prepare yourself for another Hindi Film 101 that takes me out of my comfort zone!  Someone asked a question on Monday about dancers on film, and there was also suggested that I do some discussion of actresses from the south.  So I am going to try to combine that and talk in very very general terms about classical dance traditions in India and how that relates to actresses, especially from the south.

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Happy International Dance Day! It May Be a Made Up Holiday, But I’m Still Celebrating!

Thanks to Amitabh’s twitter, I just learned that 4/29/2016 is International Dance Day.  I had a half moment of thinking someone was punking him, but a bit of googling confirmed that it is actually a thing!  Created by the International Dance Council, a UNESCO partner group.  Which means it is enough of a thing that I can celebrate by posting the best, or at least my favorite, dances!  Well, some of them.  Good news is, this is apparently an annual thing, so I can come up with a whole different list next year! Continue reading