Aditya Chopra’s Birthday Statement on His Dad, How Nice!

This is such a nice statement! Which is well, and carefully, written. Let’s all read it and be grateful that poor social anxiety Adi has a good way to express himself.

Statement, which I saw retweeted by Karan Johar. He’s off social media, but came back to retweet this. Also, it was not reported in Bollywood Hungama or even Taran Adarsh’s twitter, because they are too busy focusing on the RIDICULOUS drug probe. Rich people occasionally take recreational drugs, I am SHOCKED. Let’s have another 20 stories every day on it, half of them “new facts” and half of them “new reveal that the thing we said yesterday was a new fact is actually wrong”.

Anyhoo, deep breath, let’s read a nice statement:

It’s a very nice statement, very well written, and looks good. Like, he clearly figured out how to break the paragraphs and stuff so it would be a pleasant image to see.

It’s also a nice reminder that the film industry is made up of people, hundreds of people, and most of them are not related to each other and got their jobs through hard work and talent. Adi never says the word “nepotism”, or directly addresses any of the “scandals” happening around him, he just focuses on the positive, how there are so many good people he works with and his father worked with and he is privilaged to spend time with them.

And Karan tweeted it with the hashtag #YRF50 which presumably means they are trying to start a trend for more announcements and stuff. Thank goodness, actual news-news!

1 thought on “Aditya Chopra’s Birthday Statement on His Dad, How Nice!

  1. I simply love the focus on “people” and the courage to invest oneselves’ talents over and over again through visions, ideas, dedication, perseveration, hard working and professionalism. Success gives money, money giving the possibility to realise dreams…YRF is just a spectacular example in the Indian movie industry landscape. My best wishes for the future…


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