In Honor of His Birthday Yesterday, and to Cheer Us All Up, Let’s Talk About Why We Dislike Ranbir Kapoor as an Actor/Public Person!

This is a happy place, and a generally nice place, so obviously we all wish Ranbir well as a human person on earth, we want him to successfully defeat whatever internal demons he has, we want him to be at peace, and we aren’t going to troll him or stalk him or torment him on social media or any of that. But, I think we are allowed to say bad things about his acting, his films, and the way he presents himself to the world, right? That doesn’t make us bad people?

Ranbir Kapoor! For myself, I dislike his public personal persona because I feel like he isn’t being a good partner. Ranbir’s “I don’t talk about it mostly” stand on his personal life, combined with no attempt to hide the relationships from the papparazzi, has left his less-famous romantic partners in an uncomfortable position. Especially in a culture where a woman is blamed for any pre-marital relationships while a man is praised.

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I dislike his public professional persona because I feel like he took the tag of “real actor” which the press gave him and ran with it, and he doesn’t deserve it. When he is consistently listed as “best actor of his generation”, he accepts the praise with a calm smile, instead of saying “I don’t know why people say that about me, I think that —— and —— and —– are much better”. I’m not saying he has to believe that, just I would appreciate if as a professional, he modeled humble behavior to the world.

Ranbir Kapoor Quotes & Sayings (40 Quotations)

And I dislike his films because I feel like that public professional personal of “real actor” ends up poisoning almost all of them. Rockstar and Tamasha are maybe the worst, but Sanju could have been better if there was more effort put into the script and less faith in Ranbir’s abilities as a mimic.

Rockstar is a musical journey: Ranbir Kapoor - bollywood - Hindustan Times

Ultimately I guess it is just the complete egoism that bothers me? In his personal life, looking at how it is easiest for him to deal with the press without considering his partner. In his public persona, enjoying the praise given to himself without considering others. And in his films, taking all the energy for himself and his performance instead of being generous to his co-stars.

Okay, now your turn!

Or, I guess, you can say why you like him. I am open-minded.

(PS my sister says I need to add a bad Yom Kippur pun. Here is the best I can think of: “what’s the only Kapoor that will admit they were wrong and ask for forgiveness?” “Yom Kapoor”)

(PPS obviously the joke doesn’t really work because Shashi will also ask for forgiveness. But only him!)

27 thoughts on “In Honor of His Birthday Yesterday, and to Cheer Us All Up, Let’s Talk About Why We Dislike Ranbir Kapoor as an Actor/Public Person!

  1. For me, as with a lot of people, one of the reasons I have such a visceral dislike of his public face is because he reminds me of every single underachieving, overpraised man I’ve met, who got all kinds of things handed to them without working for them and while being deeply mediocre or even toxic, and totally, completely unaware of it.

    He doesn’t even realise how much like millions of others of his type he is, to the point where people in totally different cultures recognise him instantly.

    And he’s just there all like “Well, you don’t have to WORK to be successful or good, just be intelligent like meeeeee!” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    So in short, I’m projecting like mad. But with quotes like that, how am I supposed to help it?

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    • Exactly! Either he actually is a perfect example of that type, or he is modeling his persona on that type, but either way it is hateful.

      And of course he is attracting a horde of fans who are all of that particular toxic mediocre entitled male, and his films are playing into pleasing his fan hordes, until it turns into this toxic feedback loop encouraging bad behavior.


      • I can’t imagine admiring people like that so much you’d try to be like that on purpose, if you weren’t like that.

        The fans are all 100% like that and I wish they’d all fall into the sea.

        Here’s a problem: why is Harsh K., who is also more or less like this, so much less annoying?


        • You’re right, I don’t think anyone could really model themselves on Ranbir. But totally people who secretly felt like that inside all along and Ranbir gave them permission to own it. I also don’t think people like that are necessarily capable of growth and change, but at least they can have a societal lesson of “it’s not okay to say your secret thought that you are better than everyone else”, until Ranbir comes along and says “oh go ahead and say it! you and I know there really are people who are just better!”

          I think because Harsh K is humble. If someone says to him “you are the greatest actor of your generation”, his response would be “thank you, and I also think [blank] and [blank] and [blank] are good”. Or even, “I owe it all to my big sisters”. He’s kind of ditzy and spoiled, but he’s sweet and cares about others. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t feel that essential “I am better and more important than everyone else” inside of him. I think Harsh K is capable of empathy and putting other people first.

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          • That’s all true. Maybe if he was a lot more successful and his head got bigger. It’s also very endearing that he genuinely cares more about shoes than about being thought intelligent and talented and amazing by idiot critics.


          • See, I don’t think Ranbir is capable of caring about something outside of himself enough to correct us from “shoes” to “sneaker culture”. Harsh really truly CARES about sneakers.

            On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 10:31 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yes, exactly. This is what I like about Harsh. It’s like having a nice child show you all their toys.

            Anyway, I was hoping that after his father died Ranbir would totally change, and maybe that will happen!


          • I have a crush on Harsh so maybe I’m biased but in my opinion he work and gives his best when he works. For his role in Mirzya he trained horse-riding for 2 years (this included taking care of horses) and archery (from Polish champions). I don’t imagine Ranbir working in a stable for a role.

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          • I imagine Ranbir saying he worked at a stable for a role, and then it coming out that actually he did three days at a stable-spa in the middle of a 4 week vacation. He loves claiming he did stuff for roles, but he doesn’t love actually doing stuff.

            Again, as Popka points out, the same as SO MANY young privileged men in the world! The ones at parties who say “oh, you have a film degree? I studied film too” and then it comes out that they did one class in undergrad and got a C in it.

            On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 10:40 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I think Ranbir is the most overhyped actor in Bollywood. I had nothing against him, but later I saw his movies and I hated them all. He is not bad as an actor but there are many better then him and nobody talks about them because Ranbir became the only guy everybody mentions .
    I also think he is ugly.

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    • Yep, all other actors are dismissed as not-Ranbir, and all non Ranbir films are considered somehow less worthy. For no reason! And he does nothing to stop this behavior, just passively accepts it all as his due.

      On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 10:50 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I think it’s mostly the poor guy’s face. I don’t even follow the behind the scenes talk, haven’t seen too many of his films, and I’m still not a fan.


    • How about this? It is that his face is not used in such a way that we forget his face when he is performing. Like, I hate Randeep Hooda’s stupid face, just the face, nothing else. But I have still been able to enjoy many films in which he is featured because he disappeared into the performance so much, I forgot his face. Whereas with Ranbir, I don’t think he is capable of varying his performance enough to make you forget what he looks like.

      On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 3:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I really liked him when I was first getting into Indian films, but then you see the same thing so many times from a man who is hurtling toward forty and should have something else in his bag besides “feckless youth trying to find himself.” I still love Rocket Singh, but he did something a bit different there. At this point I won’t avoid a movie because he is in it, but I won’t watch it for him either.

    Agree with you about accepting praise, but also, don’t you think there’s something about Indian celebrity media that makes it hard to not sound massively self-absorbed? There are people, like Shahrukh, who are very deft with the self-deprecating humor and can avoid it. And, yeah, as the scion of the Kapoor family Ranbir should be able to also. But Hrithik Roshan once burst out with “I inspire myself” and the lesser stars wind up sounding insufferable.


      • HA! I have the opposite reaction, so good at deflecting praise he might actually be a huge narcissist and has to be careful to hide it.

        On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 9:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I think he was good, and perfectly cast, in ADHM. But that was with a director who could challenge him a bit, and a role that was perfection for him. A lot of the time, it’s just same old-same old and no struggle to be better.

      I was thinking about Shahrukh, and really all the top-top stars (Akshay, Ajay, the Khans, Sanjay, the ones who have lasted). They have found a way to accept praise, and then turn it and just talk about the work. Which is smart if only because it gets people to actually SEE YOUR MOVIES. Praise for yourself doesn’t put money in the bank. Even Hrithik, that little sweet dimbulb, has figured that out to some degree. His work out video for War was ridiculous and hilarious, but on the other hand his body was one of the main selling points for that movie, so putting out the self-indulgent video got people excited for the film. On the other hand, if he is on a talk show and someone says “you have the best body in the industry”, his response would be more like “it’s a lot of work, physical fitness is important, all you young people should go to the gym”, not “I was born that way”.

      On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 9:52 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I hope you don’t mind me chipping in on the Harsh/Ranbir debate! I’m a fan of Harsh, and am lukewarm towards Ranbir.
    Harsh is earnest. He strikes me as as a bit reserved (in comparison to his very outspoken older sisters, at least- which isn’t very hard). He’s unafraid to acknowledge that he ISN’T the best actor in the biz. (He said on KWK that Vicky could’ve played his character in Bhavesh Joshi better than him, and I think his beef with Diljit over the newcomer awards in 2016 was misrepresented/misunderstood by the media and masses- his problem wasn’t that he thought he was better than Diljit, but that Diljit had prior acting experience in Punjabi movies and wasn’t technically a “newcomer”.) I find his fanboying over shoes/football/pretentious movies endearing rather than off-putting, because he’s not posturing. I’m sincerely rooting for the lad’s movie career to take off- I think there’s talent and drive there.

    Ranbir- at least in his solo interviews- seemed very walled off and disconnected. He’s often praised for emotional availability, but is so opaque in most his interviews that I think it’s affecting the way I view a lot of his later performances. There’s very little coming from within (very little heart, essentially)- it’s like he observed tics and habits in other people and replicates them for his own performances. It works for a role like Jagga in Jagga Jasoos because that character’s kind of ridiculous by design, but he needs specific types of costars to prod him out of that computer-like method. I’m thinking Anushka, Konkona, and Aditya Roy Kapur (ARK isn’t the strongest actor himself, but I hear the two became fast friends while working on YJHD, and it showed in their scenes together.) I dunno- maybe I’m way off the mark, but he seems very passionless at this point.

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    • Yes, you said what I felt but couldn’t figure out how to say! Harsh is earnest. He truly wants to be better, he truly cares about what he cares about, and he isn’t afraid to share that with the world. More than that, maybe he isn’t able to NOT share it witht he world? He loves sneakers soooooooo much that he can’t hide his love, that’s how sincere his feelings are. Maybe I don’t share them (They are SHOES!!! Good lord), but I really appreciate his honesty and openness about his passions. There’s value in being passionate about anything at all, about finding joy and excitement in things outside of yourself. I really enjoy his pandemic instagram, because he is sincerely sharing the things that bring him joy with the hope that other people can find joy in them as well. He isn’t saying “watch this movie to be as good as me”, he is saying “I really got excited and happy watching this movie, and maybe you will too”.

      Ranbir probably does care about something, but he doesn’t care about it enough to not be able to hide it, if that makes sense. Whether it is his latest girlfriend, or his latest movie, or fashion, or home decor, or whatever, he never seems to have that passion that makes it impossible to hide your feelings. I want to see him sincerely excited about something to the point that he can’t not show it. And now I can’t think of a movie star who doesn’t do that, about something. Amitabh really loves his grandkids, and his gadgets. Aamir Khan really loves his boring water NGO thing. Salman Khan really loves his friends and family. Hrithik really loves his kids, and his dumb inspirational poster philosophies. It doesn’t have to be deep, but we spend so much time with these people, if there is anything they really have passion for in their lives, it comes through somehow. Like, if you read my blog you know I am really passionate about my dog and my apartment and my hair, along with Indian film. It’s not deep, but it brings joy to my life and makes me happy. And with Ranbir, I just don’t see that. I don’t know what I would talk to him about at a party, except for himself, you know? Harsh might be boring to listen to, but at least he would have loads to say about the things he cares about.

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  6. I have nothing to add to this conversation other than that I am loving all the love for Harsh in this, he is really such a sweet young man and he works hard when he wants to do a movie. Just, he really deserves all the love in the world for being such a cinnamon roll!!

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    • I am too! The last time we had this kind of conversation, it turned into a love fest for Ranveer. I guess DCIB is just so nice, even when we intend to hate on someone, we end up just loving someone else.

      On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 11:35 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  7. I don’t have much to add either aside from maybe I am being a huge narcissist and I think maybe it boils down to he’s ugly. I really can’t put my finger on it, but something about him really puts me off. I haven’t seen many of his films–including the big ones, Rockstar, Tamasha, Rocket Singh–but I think the only one I truly enjoyed was YJHD. Jagga Jasoos was weird, but that was nothing to do with Ranbir. Sanju was entertaining enough, but I also don’t know enough about the real Sanju to be angered by the existed of this movie. ADHM is one of the worst movies to me. His character is a possessive man child who can’t take no for an answer and turns his pain into ~art~ and thinks that automatically makes him more interesting when it doesn’t. And as I’m typing this I’m realizing that was the first Ranbir movie I’d ever seen and I hated that movie so much that it probably gave me bad vibes about the real Ranbir ever since.

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    • HA! For a guy who is considered a dreamboat, way more of these comments than you wuld expect are “he’s just unattractive looking”

      On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 3:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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