Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have a Nice Lazy Day

Happy Saturday! Started the day by doing a Bang Bang watchalong, and now I can read my book, eat snacks, be lazy and do nothing. So happy! WEEKENDS!

Things to talk about! Well, Akshay has another trailer out. And once again, it is a “It’s Akshay’s movie and your all just living in it” kind of film. He is really good at physical comedy, so the general idea of him being possessed by a female ghost is great. I just hate the way he is the center of everything even before that. Especially since poor Kiara seems to be sidelined, just like she was in Good Newwwwwwwzzzzzzzz.

And Ginny Weds Sunny hit Netflix. I haven’t watched it, but one of you needs to, so you can tell us if it is charming or not. It has Vikrant, which is a good sign right away.

Oh, and it’s Rekha’s birthday! Which I totally forgot to acknowledge. But I am now! I guess here’s a simple question, of her many many formal sari looks, which of these three do you like best (I like the green one):

Rekha graces the red carpet at the 60th Britannia Filmfare Awards / Filmfare  Award Winners - Bollywood Photos
Photos: Eternal beauty Rekha looks stunning at the 63rd Jio Filmfare Awards  |
Rekha | 61st Britannia Filmfare Awards 2015 Photo #760

13 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have a Nice Lazy Day

  1. Vikrant finally being massy in a light hearted romcom,I waited for this so long.
    Rekha looks best in the navy blue one,which I think is also the best draped,and she looks most comfortable in it.
    I also think Akshay is a good physical actor and suited for wild comedy,and I tend to enjoy him more in comedy movies instead of *those* kind of movies that he is so much into since past few years which I find just UGH(unintelligible gratuitous hegemony).If only he can go back to his original brand of comedy that made him relatable and fun to watch.Regarding the Kanchana films(inspiration for this film),they have such tragic backstories to their ghosts that it almost feels like Bulbbul by the way of grotesquely commercial cinema.The issues raised in some of these horror movies like tragedy of child marriage,domestic violence,human trafficking,fraudulent land acquisitions,forcing girls to pretend to be godesses to lure people etc,associated with backstories of ghosts would actually be very radical if general campiness is ignored.
    Heard that Saif is going to a part of Prabhas’ next epic.Is it slightly misandrist of me if I HATE movies about men being manly?(I am all up for sensitive,flawed men of classic Bengali directors or silent,struggling men of new wave Malayali cinema)I soooooo enjoy watching Prabhas,but come out bored watching him in his movies(Bahubali included,where I was yawning through men’s parts,and felt more interested in Sivagami and Devasena and the beautifully done CGI).


    • Akshay is great in physical comedy! And now I am remembering that the last Akshay movie I whole-heardtedly enjoyed was Housefull 4. Which was dumb fun with nothing of substance to it, but by golly Akshay was FUNNY! And making fun of himself! And, most important, willing to let his co-stars have some of the laughs too. In this movie, he’s gonna be funny, but I’m worried he is going to step all over everyone else’s laughs.

      Really interesting about the horror films. I know the “new” horror films of India (Pari, Bulbull, etc.) are bring all kinds of interesting things to question, but it hadn’t occurred to me that those were already there in the older horror films, just concealed by camp.

      Totally know what you mean about “manly men” movies. And I will add, it’s one thing if those films treat the idea seriously, but it’s so much more fun when there is kind of a wink to it. My favorite action movies are the ones that feel slightly tongue in cheek, like “you know it’s ridiculous that a man is sending 5 gundas flying with one kick, and we know it is ridiculous, but isn’t it fun to pretend?”

      On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 11:06 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Ginny/Sunny 👎 far as I’m concerned. A waste of 2 great actors. He does the whole Bolly song and dance thing, she tries to make a confusingly written character believable. I liked her mom and his dad. Her ex also stood out in the only part that made sense. I watched to the end because like you, Margaret, I can’t leave somebody else’s art unfinished. The scenes and costumes were fun and beautiful but more or less copied from other Indian rom-coms. If anybody else watched and enjoyed, I’d like to hear why.


    • Thank you for doing the work for us!!! I somehow can’t find myself interested in seeing it, although I do love Vikrant (as all right thinking people do).

      On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 11:31 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Taish teaser:

    I like it. It doesn’t spoil the story just shows some random scenes, but man Harsh looks hot. Poor thing, he tweeted about the teaser from a hospital. I knew he has covid but thought he is at home. Hope he will get well soon.


  4. Ahhh! Okay, I do want and would request you to please please watch Ginny Weds Sunny and review it. I liked it and more importantly I am so happy something like this is released at this time. It was much needed. I have to many things that I want to talk about but can’t because of spoilers. But basically, this was such a light hearted rom com that I much needed in my life.


  5. Eh, didn’t really like Ginny Weds Sunny. I had so much hopes for a light, fun romcom after ages and it fell short on both rom and com. Vikrant was the biggest draw for me but his character was a mess and unappealing. In fact, I came away as a fan of Yami! I’d only seen her before in Vicky Donor where she did a good job, but here she sparkles and carries the film.

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    • I don’t mind falling short on com, but falling short on ram is a disaster!

      On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 12:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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