Friday/Saturday WatchAlong! Bang Bang! 7:30am Chicago Time

I am SO HAPPY! I have been looking forward to watching this movie with y’all since the WatchAlongs started, and doing it early on a Saturday morning makes it feel extra special.

You can watch it on youtube, on einthusan, on your DVD, just not on any legitimate streaming sources. At 7:30am I will post a “PLAY!” comment down below and then we can just keep commenting along the whole time. And yes, you are allowed to comment simply “this makes me so happy!”

562 thoughts on “Friday/Saturday WatchAlong! Bang Bang! 7:30am Chicago Time

  1. Re watching the movie with the kids 8-year-old, as brother is dying and mom is screaming on the phone “His mom calls way too much.”


  2. The boys are no ignoring everything on screen and running around playing diamond thief. So I guess after I see Hrithik’s chest ONE MORE TIME, I’ll actually turn the movie off. Gotta drool over the unattainable.


  3. Random thought on Bang Bang: the shower scenes with dadi are kind of brilliant because they show how close they are and dadi is adorable sitting on the toilet talking about her thoughts, but at the same time, Kat in the shower.


    • That was what Anupama said about “Mere Khwabon” in DDLJ! Here is Kajol doing all these objectively sexy things, but then Farida is fussing around in the background, so that makes it not sexy, or acceptable sexy, or just different somehow.

      On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 7:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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