Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Go For a Drive

Happy Saturday! I was beginning to feel moss growing on me, so I decided to do a long meandering drive today. Just to shake out the cobwebs. That’s my big plan for the day, fun fun!

Things to talk about!

Oh, I have a nephew update! He said his first word! Very exciting. He was slightly overdue for talking, so my sister tested him by seeing if he could do the border collie trick and recognize objects by name (“can you bring me the ball? Bring me the ball?” and then he does). And then with more aggressive questioning, he finally identified something verbally in a sort of “why has my mother lost her mind and forgotten common words?” kind of way.

Anyway, his first word is officially “cuckoo”. Because their slowcooker is “cuckoo” brand, so there is lots of discussion of things like “I’m gonna get your oatmeal from the cuckoo” or “what should we put in the cuckoo today to have for dinner?” Super cute first word, right? Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S, Q5 Premium 8 in 1 Multi (Pressure, Slow,  Rice Cooker, Browning Fry, Steamer, Warmer, Yogurt, Soup Maker) Stainless  Steel, Mad, Q50 Non-Stick Coating, GOLD/WHITE: Kitchen & Dining

My first word was “powder”. According to my sister. She was 3, I was 1, we were playing upstairs with a little friend (who is now married and runs an herb farm in northern Wisconsin, how random is that?). And my sister got all excited and dragged me down into the living room to report that I had just said my first word.

What were your first words? If you know? How about your kids, if any, what were there first words?

It was Prithviraj’s birthday yesterday! Isn’t that nice? He doesn’t get older, he just gets hotter. And his birthday celebrations were more artistic and original than any of your birthday celebrations ever were. Look at this cake!

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#Nabeel 😃 If you know you know! ❤️🐏

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And this, whatever it is!

And I guess final thing to consider, in honor of us watching War yesterday, which of these instagram pictures of Hrithik is hottest?

12 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Go For a Drive

  1. Giving you guys a Peter & Bruno update, because all of this is freaking me out so much I have to share it with somebody.
    They had one of their Live Jams again. Not only did Peter start singing ‘Sarah’ all on his own, making me almost fall from my chair from the surprise. He also sang ‘Love of My Life’ – a song I’d kinda wanted for a while because I honestly had nothing else in mind and said as much in a comment in the video message about the time of the Live Jam video. He did ‘Love of My Life’ all on his own, didn’t even look at the chat to start it!
    Then Peter’s daughter – who writes the shoutouts – writes my name in that paper. I thought I’d just write ‘Hello from Finland!’ in the stream chat, thinking nothing else of it. And then Bruno roared out my name, nearly giving me a heart attack in the process.
    THESE THINGS AREN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! THEY (but mostly Peter) SPOIL ME ROTTEN! I love them so much!

    Sorry, Margaret. Hrithik doesn’t do anything to me in those pictures and I can’t remember my first words. Currently still in “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???!!!” mode because of the above.


    • AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! This is so exciting! I’m so happy for you. You deserve to have good things happen to you.

      On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 1:34 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I feel like I am doing “something” with just being honest and thanking them at every turn in the comments. As well as that letter from ages ago. But if it is something more than those facts then I am completely at a loss as to why they, but Peter specifically, do all this to me.
        I mean, they have fans who have been with them for YEARS and I am just a new fan!
        WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?????
        I’m just so happy, grateful, but also VERY confused.


  2. I can’t believe I missed the War watchalong 😭 But I read all the comments and you peoples are funnnnnny.
    This analysis of Tiger’s entry scene is great:
    This quote had me in stitches: There was no use of slow motion for this sequence, and that was something Tiger needed to be convinced about because most of his films have slow motion or high speed shots, which is how it’s usually done. In War, all the action is in real time. Tiger asked me how the audience will celebrate his entry if it’s just breaking through a window and fighting and ducking bullets. 🙄


  3. That is one cute first word. The German equivalent “Kuckuck” is also used for the game of peekaboo, so that is kind of appropriate. Our own baby would say “on”, as in turning on the lights, long before he new either “mom” or “mommy”. He also used it when he wanted us to switch things off.


  4. My first word was “book”. I think it started as “boo”, like the first part of the word.

    What’s more funny is that my sister’s first word was basically my name. It started as “ee” which then progress to “nee” which then progressed to “nourtney” because she couldn’t say the c sound for a while and then she could say it but would still say “nourtney” to mess with me and I hated it, but I think the whole thing is hilarious cuz we’re sort of close but also not really. I don’t know, anyone who has sisters knows that one day you’re thick as thieves and then the next day you want to strangle her if she simply breathes in your presence.

    And for the Hrithik pictures, I’m going with the last one. Very sexy sugar daddy vibes without it being creepy or uncomfortable. I’d say the first one only if he didn’t have that red thing around his arm.

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    • So, your first word could be “book”, or you could be a ghost that says “boo”.

      We have a family friend who couldn’t say “brother” so she called the new baby “my little budder” which was shortened to “Bud” which was the only name used by anyone until he was about 15 and finally rebelled and started asking to be called “Steve”. Obviously we claim the right of almost lifelong friendship and continue to call him “Bud”. So I guess the point is, it could be worse! Your entire family could have switched to “nourtney”, then told all your teachers to use it as well, and all your childhood friends, so that even as an adult no matter what you do there were be large numbers of people in the world who think of “nourtney” as your “real” name and “Courtney” as some made up thing you are trying to make us call you.

      On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 4:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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