A New Game! Nephew or Albie Dog???

My nephew is 2 years old, and Albie Dog is 3 years old, and apparently they are exactly lined up. Don’t know how long this will last, presumably at some point my nephew will get smarter than a dog, or my Albie Dog will get less energetic than a 2 year old human. But right now, perfection!

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Nephew Update Post! Because I Need to Cheer Myself Up!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, that’s all. My hair is tangled and I can’t find a thing to fasten the end of my braid, so I can’t braid it and it is just going to keep getting tangled. And I started my work day by talking to my LEAST FAVORITE customer. On chat not on the phone, but still bad. And Albie Dog’s Adopt-a-versary gifts are delayed in shipping, so he won’t have any presents on the day itself. Oh, and worst of all, last night’s Columbo episode wasn’t very good. So, time to talk about babies and be happy!

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