Silly Sunday: Shahrukh Movies If He Was a Vampire/Werewolf/Zombie

Happy Sunday! And Happy Day Light Savings Ending (or starting?) Day! And of course, Day After Halloween! I’m gonna do a quick fun fanfic post, hopefully you will join in with your own ideas in the comments. It’s surprisingly easy!

Om Shanti Om if Om is a Zombie

This makes total sense! Young actor Om Prakash is killed, but his body is found by ambitious movie star Kapoor. Kapoor takes him home and re-animates him and trains Zombie Om to be a perfect movie star. Zombie Om doesn’t remember his past life, or generally what it feels like to be human, his brain is wiped and all he learns is going through the motions of movie stardom in the easiest possible way without really feeling anything. Until he starts to remember his pre-zombie life.

Om Shanti Om | George Eastman Museum

Happy New Year if Charlie is a Werewolf

It’s all about the pack loyalty! Charlie is the young pup of werewolf chief Anupam Kher. Anupam doesn’t wear leadership easily, but still feels a responsibility. He takes in the injured wolves rejected by other packs, Boman and Sonu. But he sends his promising young son off to find a new pack with his natural strength and leadership and so on. Until Anupam dies, and Charlie feels a responsibility to his father’s old pack. He takes on Boman and Sonu, plus Sonu’s young rejected nephew werewolf Vivaan. But he resists adding Deepika to the pack, not wanting to choose for her the werewolf lifestyle and constantly trying to drive her away.

Happy New Year Srk Pic 6 |

Dilwale if Kaali is a Vampire

There’s no real reason for Kaali to be an adopted brother if Varun instead of biological. UNLESS HE IS A VAMPIRE!!!! Kaali is a European vampire who wandered the streets in loneliness until adopted by gangster Kabir Bedi. He has deep loyalty to the first man to treat him like a human person in his whole miserable afterlife. And then one day he walks down the street and sees ANOTHER VAMPIRE!!! Kajol, a woman he immediately senses is a perfect match for him. But he doesn’t realize she is a match in more ways than one, also being the adoptive daughter of a gangster with an adopted little sibling. Being ageless vampires, ten years later both of them look basically the same, and still have the same super action powers.

Shah Rukh Khan interested in 'mature love story' with Kajol | Entertainment  News,The Indian Express

Okay, your turn! What movies can you think of that we can do the same with?

Or, Which of these makes the most sense to you?

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