Happy Birthday Harsh Kapoor! A Selection of Your Instagram Happiness

Happy Birthday Harsh! So beautiful, so instagram active, so fashion and film focused!

Oh Harsh! You live in this lovely little bubble of sneakers and “deep thoughts” and floating through life. Just makes me happy when I get a glimpse of it.

For instance, this post, which includes close ups of your jeans, your sneakers, and a bunch of emoticons that I don’t understand to somehow give meaning to it all:

Announcing the end of filming by a photo of himself on a plane (logical), an announcement filming was over (logical), a photo of himself somewhere (less logical), a video of his legs moving in jeans (lost me now), and of course sunglasses (no idea):

Ooo oo! Philosophy! Perception has now risen beyond the physical. Which is represented by a photo of himself.

Video about his pants/crotch

A photo of his playlist with a detailed description of the story he has made up in his head related to the songs

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New Playlist – called it 8mm because in my head these songs, they tell a story I’d like to capture on film – 8mm/16 mm. It starts with feelings of longing and craving connection with Adam Hinden’s β€˜divers’ leading into β€˜flood moon’. Picture a couple trapped due to the pandemic in different continents when you listen to the first two tracks, it then goes into zone 1 to 6000 which is an ode to my love for London..maybe that’s where they meet again; β€˜Glossy 1s’ comes in at 4 – this is when things are calmer and there’s a disconnect from the internet and society..fear..the rest of the world and it’s just the two of them At 5 is β€˜what you want’ which could be a euphoric night out on the town for the two.. Then we move to track 6, a song called β€˜flipper’ by pasteboard – this could be the morning after, with the two frolicking on the streets of east london in the morning light..thrift stores..street food, it’s all being captured on a small little vintage film camera.. We then move to golden vessels dizzy, they’ve now taken the train to Paris : the tiny lanes, the stunning architecture, art everywhere..dizzy fades out. We then move to what is the β€œoutro” – this starts the journey back and eventually, they have to distance themselves again, go back to their separate lives..don’t be so hard on yourself and someone else. Track 9 and 10 take us through these images and feelings. Conclude with β€˜sometimes it felt so real’ which makes us think.. maybe it was all a dream? Link in bio.

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Reposted fan montage of his beautifulness!

Referring to his sneakers as “owning a part of history” because they are related to Michael Jordan?

And of course my personal favorite, his epic tribute to “sneaker culture”

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Harsh Kapoor! A Selection of Your Instagram Happiness

  1. Okay, so he’s maybe a little shallow. But he’s yooooung! And beautiful to look at and maybe, someday, he’ll be a wonderful actor. Mirzya is still my favorite film, the scene in the barn where she tears off his shirt, my favorite love scene. Thank you Harsh, and Happy Birthday..


  2. I laughed so hard seeing them all together like this, holy balls. The grey post is the best one, that is just word salad. I also love his various sparkly jeans. 10 out of 10, would wear.

    He is definitely going bald a bit in the temples, right?


    • How can he be going bald????? Look at his father! Although I guess Boney and Sanjay are both a tad thin up there.

      And yes for the grey post! I was going to say “it makes more sense in context” because he is talking about some clothing brand that is “state of grey” or something? But no, that actually makes less sense. How does a clothing brand inspire this philosophy?

      On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 1:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. The Jordans post is funny bc he wrote it before getting around to watching the documentary, if that’s a thing he did. Those are the original shoe Nike first designed for Jordan, early in his career. In the documentary, during his last season he’s playing his final game at Madison Square Garden and out of nostalgia he puts on the shoes, as a callback to his first game there. Only sneaker technology got way better over the years and by halftime his feet are bleeding.


    • So if he really wanted to be accurate, he should have made the shoes all bloody by the end of the documentary.

      On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 10:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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