Friday WatchAlong: Tum Mere Ho! For Juhi!!!

Woo-hoo! Such a dumb movie! I’m so excited!

This film is only available on Einthusan, so get yourself over there. At 3pm Chicago time, we will all press play and start commenting along. Yaaaaaay!!!!!

Tum Mere Ho (1990) | Cinema Chaat

380 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Tum Mere Ho! For Juhi!!!

  1. I guess Aamir is buying into this whole thing because he believes his lute has enough power to make Juhi be sexy and happy again overnight?


  2. I’m telling you family, cutting boards, so much nicer than cutting on metal. There are a lot of tree around and they are very easy to make.


  3. After that whole “you have to live as a widow forever because of the marriage you don’t remember”, they are switching to “you can totes get married again”?


  4. Juhi and Aamir are remarkably hot together in this song, right? Like, physically they are much more touchy and stuff than elsewhere in the movie?


  5. I am beginning to think that the trained snakes came first, and the plot was written around them. “Oh look, they can undo a chain! Oh look, they can crawl through a window! Oh look, I can make them fight!”

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