Saturday WatchAlong 7:30am: Dear Zindagi! Sexy SRK and Mental Health!!!!

Good morning! I have walked the dog, made coffee, and I am all ready to be soothed by beautiful Goa and beautiful SRK.

Yaaaaaay, Shahrukh movie!!!! He’s wise and kind and encouraging, and the rest of the movie is nice too.

At 7:30am, I will put up a comment “And PLAY!” and you hit play and then we all comment along together.

346 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong 7:30am: Dear Zindagi! Sexy SRK and Mental Health!!!!

  1. I love that we don’t see her sleeping with RAghuvendra or any of that, because it’s not about that it’s about how horrible and guilty and conflicted she feels afterwards. Also, BOO KUNAL!!! You knew she was in a relationship! And now you are giving her mixed signals after she slept with you!!!

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    • Totally disagree. SHE WANTED to work on a feature film. She is young and attractive. Coworkers are going to be falling for her where ever she is. Go to the U.S., even if you are unsure and experience life.


  2. So this is mostly Alia being messed up, that she can’t just say “yeah, I really like you too right now”. But also, Kunal is kind of making this as hard as possible for her. Maybe have this conversation when you don’t have a weird time crunch?

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      • Every time I see that scene, I have this enormous relief when we see Alia in the car. Because it feels so possible that she is going to go off on a one night stand with dancing dude and really mess herself up.


  3. Did you catch Fatty’s worried face? This movie is like a master class in “show not tell” in terms of Alia’s breakdown. We don’t need her friends to say “you are acting strange, what’s happening?” we can just see it.

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