Friday WatchAlong: Fitoor!!! Dickens, ARK, Snow, All Christmassy!!!

You ready for a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad movie? It’s just bad. And dumb. And weird. But pretty! And Tabu is Full Camp.

Wooo, Fitoor! Available on Netflix in America and some other places, and on einthusan etc. elsewhere. At 3pm Chicago time we will all hit “play” together, and then comment along on this post as thoughts strike us. I will start us off with an “And PLAY” comment exactly at 3pm.

Very excited to share this with you!

354 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Fitoor!!! Dickens, ARK, Snow, All Christmassy!!!

  1. I don’t evne like Dickens that much, and yet I feel the need to defend how this plot twist plays out in the book versus the movie.

    In the book, he helps an escaped convict as a boy out of pure fear. But then as a young man, he learns that the convict paid his school fees and helped him along in life, and feels deeply grateful and loving towards him. Repays that generosity again by helping the convict again. Instead of being an angry stupid prig like he is here. The message is “don’t look away from anyone, don’t reject gifts because you think you are better than the person who offered them, be grateful and accepting”. Not, “be a whiney little idiot”.

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  2. 18 more minutes, I want him to go on a shooting spree and kill everyone, except AJAY, who turns into an action hero and saves his dog at the last second.


  3. Concentrate! Many confusing things are happening quickly! Aditi lost her baby, sunk into drug addiction and depression, her fiathful servant’s wife gave birth and died, and now he is handing the baby to Aditi. And that is Katrina. So the silent servant in the background of her whole life, is her biological father.

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    • It would be fine if they were inside, but as an outside installation? Unless he spins something about the temporariness of beauty that melts in the rain.


  4. I know the movie isn’t going to answer this so I guess we have to answer it for ourselves. Are they going to settle down int he cottage with brother-in-law and have a blacksmith shop? Is he going to manage her money? Will the open an art gallery after selling Tabu’s jewels? Or will he try to be an artist again despite burning all his work at his last exhibit?


  5. Thank you for the film, I am relieved it is over, but watching it was fun. My mess house and loud kids, and quarantined life seem so good now. At least I’m not rich and crazy in gorgeous Kashmir.

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  6. Pretty movie with pretty people in it and pretty cinematography and art and Tabu and Ajay and abs. Nice “painting in the background” movie. Thank you for this, Margaret!

    Can we at some point do Mirzya? It’s on Prime here, it has pretty Harsh and just needs a watch-a-long at some point.

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      • That sounds perfect. I am going to finish watching “Love at the Christmas Table” because it has Ted from Schitt’s Creek and Winnie Cooper.


        • I love Love At the Christmas Table! It’s sincerely clever in some places, and it has a sweet older generation romance, and the hero and heroine (mostly) never do anything super dumb or misunderstanding-y.

          On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 5:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  7. Honestly this needed a lot more plot, then it probably would have been great. It was fine and soooo beautiful but I didn’t like the pairing (didn’t expect to, it’s Dickens), so I’m glad to have watched it during watchalong. I don’t know if I would have finished it on my own, unless I was ill and needed something with no plot to watch.


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