The 8 Abs of Hanukkah! But Who is the Brightest Light of Them All?????

Yes, it is time for me to do another Hanukkah post! Something with 8, oil, and a little bit of Jewishness….ABS! Including ARK! Yes, this is a perfectly respectful and appropriate post for the holiday. At least, I am pretty sure the DCIB Hanukkah celebrants won’t complain (just as the DCIB Easter celebrants never mind my annual “hot Jesus” post).

Hrithik (the classic)

Hrithik Roshan | 6 Pack | Fitness secrets, Hrithik roshan, Hrithik roshan  hairstyle

Aditya Roy Kapoor (the Jew)

Malang: Here's how Aditya Roy Kapur achieved his beefed-up fierce look in  two months in 2020 | Roy kapoor, Malang, How to look handsome

Ranveer (the fun one)

Fresh & Cutest Nail Designs & Tips for 2020 in 2020 | Indian bodybuilder,  Ranveer singh, Fitness body

Tiger (the dumb one)

Tiger Shroff admits he has 'stage fright'

Shahid Kapoor (the dancer)

Shahid Kapoor poses shirtless as he gets into his 'holiday mood'

Vidyut Jamwal (the underappreciated)

Are you a vegetarian and want a body like Vidyut Jammwal? Read this | Vidyut  jamwal body, Vidyut jamwal, Celebrity workout

John Abraham (the model)

John Abraham Shirtless -

Sidharth Malhotra (the Sid)

Pin on Bollywood Actors

And finally, our 9th ab-candle, the one who helps to light them all in our hearts:

Shahrukh (the Shahrukh)

Akshay and Ajay indirectly take a dig at Shahrukh Khan's 8 pack abs!

Oh, and it can’t be a holiday without some festive music! As you celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah tonight, I encourage you to play this song over and over in your head. It will add to the festive spirit, I guarantee it!

19 thoughts on “The 8 Abs of Hanukkah! But Who is the Brightest Light of Them All?????

  1. Dogs and cats before breakfast, hunks before lunch. You certainly know how to please a gal.

    I memorized the lyrics of Six Pack Abs the first time I heard it; hadn’t a clue what I was singing. And I added Ali Zafar to my daydreaming list. He doesn’t look like that now, but his acting has improved.

    As the expert, I’m going to judge your contestants:
    Ranveer has the most natural development.The muscles were already there and just needed to be teased out.
    Vidyut is a close second.
    Shahid and Shah Rukh look good but don’t have the breadth for all that heft.
    Sid and Adtiya don’t need it.
    John and Tiger work too hard a it.
    And yes, you nailed Hrithik!


    • Vidyut doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation! He threads the line between natural muscles that flatter his frame, and slightly accentuated for film work muscles.

      Agree with all your careful analysis of the others!

      And my favorite line from “6 Pack Abs” is “girls follow me in cabs”. It’s just so delightfully stupid-smart.

      On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 10:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I agree about Vidyut. He flaunts less as his acting improves. In the last film of his I watched, where he searches for his wife among terrorists (can’t recall the name) he’s almost meek; hardly takes off his shirt.


  3. When Hrithik is at his best, he is hard to beat. He is the classic. But I am going to Vidyut as a tie/close second. He is built much more naturally than Hrithik, doesn’t fluctuate as much as the others, and is just so fun to watch!

    I like Sid’s abs but I don’t feel like he needs to have a six-pack to look pretty.

    I liked ARK’s abs in Fitoor way more than Malang. He looks unnaturally large in Malang and his body is just not meant to look that way. He, like Sid, to me doesn’t need the abs.

    Ranveer’s abs are just fun.

    I could care less about Shahid’s or Tiger’s abs.

    And John is just John. Always perfectly fine but does not do anything for me.


  4. Ranveer looks as though he’s wearing a chocolate t-shirt – with his smooth, hairless torso and hairy forearms.
    As much as i love SRK I didn’t like his abs in HNY, just too lean with the veins popping. Needs a smidgen of fat coverage to smooth the sharp edges.
    I guess we can’t go past Hrithik and Aditya.


  5. The thing about abs is they have to flex to get that definition and it makes them stand weird. John’s pose is one solution but he has so much muscle mass it almost looks like a suit. I’m going to give it to Shahid because he’s lying down looking comfortable by comparison, plus not oiled and spray tanned.

    I have to bow to Maria’s analysis of proportion though, she really is a pro.


      • Seems like a dancer thing, seeing it again in Tiny Pretty Things. Dancers’ bodies are almost like a tool, they’re so used to people commenting on them and positioning them and decorating them that being clothed or unclothed is of less significance.


        • I can see that with Shahid. At least at the start, that was also how he approached acting. A lot more about posturing and gestures and things than about dialogue.

          On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 9:02 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Sid because he’s Sid and I love him and I’m biased but he’s in his own category like you said, and as a Jewish person, I feel like my vote counts more.


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