Christmas Songs Post: Weirdest Christmas Match Up, Bing and Bowie or Band Aid?

POPKA! I have another challenge that I think you can best help us with! Which very strange 1980s Christmas video is the most strangest 1980s Christmas video?

Bing and Bowie! Complete with that strange kind of “why look who is at the door!” set up this videos like to use. And Bing Crosby looking like a raisin and Bowie looking like a grape.

Band-Aid! The completely ridiculous “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?” video! Which always makes me sit and go “well, Ethiopia has the oldest Christian community in the world, but do they follow the Roman or Orthodox calendar? So they know Christmas exists, but do they celebrate on December 25th? And then there are all those countries that are former European colonies, so they would celebrate on the 25th if there were converts. And some Islamic communities celebrate Christmas, but I don’t know how many or if they celebrate on the 25th. So the answer is ‘yes, they are aware it is Christmas time, but may not be celebrating on that date depending on which Judeo-Christian tradition they are from’. I think?” Also, did everyone in the 80s have pasty white skin and feathered hair? Was there some kind of law about it?

Okay, which of these videos is most “what am I WATCHING?”

7 thoughts on “Christmas Songs Post: Weirdest Christmas Match Up, Bing and Bowie or Band Aid?

  1. I have a particular weakness for Do they know it’s Christmas, because there is so much going on.

    The Bowie/Crosby video is spiced up by how much Crosby hated Bowie and also Bowie’s milquetoast test out of his 80s clean persona, but it doesn’t have everything Do they know it’s Christmas has, i.e. endless deathly white skin on non-goths, the ratty hair, everything that’s wrong with the song, the general campness of a recording a song video, and the fact that when I was a teen, I watched it all like WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???! and now I can name every single one of them.


    • I can name “the guy from the ‘Last Christmas’ video”. But all the others are mysteries to me.

      How can a song be THAT offensive? How could they not have known it was offensive? Were they just not listening to the words they were singing?

      Also, am I seeing this correctly that like 3 people sang the verses, and like 30 people showed up to sing the chorus and then left? How is this an effective use of their time?

      On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 1:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Not only can I name all of them, I’ve seen at least three live (counting members of the same band as one person), including one of the people who wrote it. From what I gather, they wrote it in a super hurry and didn’t think it would be a big thing, and wanted the lyrics basically to just be the most likely to get people to give money. It was meant more like an advert than a song, really.

        Same thing for the video, they did the verses with whoever had time, then called in favours from everyone close enough to come to be there for an hour for the chorus.


        • You inspired me to google. And it was for Ethiopia specifically! The one country in Africa where they DEFINITELY know it is Christmastime! They know it is Christmastime more than Europe does!!!!

          However, they celebrate on January 7th, so no, they do not necessarily know that December 25th is Christmas.

          I see your point though. It’s not like the writers thought “let’s write something super dumb”, they thought “people are dumb, let’s write something that will make dumb people give money”

          On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 1:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I know! It already sounds so stupid but then it turns out to be really stupid in a completely different way!

            Yeah it’s like a mix between that and hastily writing something based on news footage, basically. And it worked, super well! So it’s not like they were wrong in that regard.


  2. I have an allergy for all those “let’s sing something and collect money” songs. I feel bad, because they are trying to do the right thing, but all those songs are terrible. No matter if it’s in english, polish or spanish, I just can’t stand them (I have the same with the songs wrriten for Olimpiads and stuff)


    • I know what you mean. If it is a whole album, and one song is “in honor of ” or “profits will be donated to”, that song is guaranteed to be terrible while all the others are good. It’s like the brain turns off as soon as “charity” is involved.

      On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 2:52 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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