Two Videos, Sid M and Salman

Yaaaaay, Sid M! Whatevs, Salman! Booooooo, Ayush Sharma! Yes, it is an emotional rollar coaster this morning in terms of video content.

Sid M! In a music video!!! Being dreamy!!!!

Also, who here predicted the “twist” the first time we saw them on bikes and was waiting for it the whole time?

And then there’s Ayush Sharma!!!! And Salman. Question, does Ayush Sharma shirtless and bulked up have more charisma, less charisma, or the same?

(in case you don’t know, Ayush is the husband of Salman’s little sister, he has been trying to make him happen since the wedding, and the world has reacted by saying “Blech!”)

6 thoughts on “Two Videos, Sid M and Salman

  1. Oh my god, that ending made me laugh so hard. I will definitely see this. Sid’s had fillers (or magically put on weight only in his face, something nobody except Govinda has ever done). It looks good, but fillers always make your face wonky eventually.

    The other dude is bad looking, will not watch.


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