Discussion Post: Christmas Foods! What Are Your Favorites?

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to answer this. If you are a non-Christmas celebrator but really love that one kind of cookie the bakeries have at this time of year, still answer. I mean, I could answer “favorite Eid food” and “favorite Passover food” too. Or if you are an adult/in-laws celebrator, tell me that too.


My family has one absolute unbreakable Christmas food tradition: cinnamon rolls.

My Mom’s Mom had a standard cinnamon roll recipe which isn’t like other cinnamon rolls. It’s yeast based, so more like a sweet bread with cinnamon sugar. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and also filling. Only problem is, since it is yeast based, it has to rise twice and the whole thing takes like 4 hours. Anyway, my Mom made them for Christmas morning when we were kids because they were the perfect thing to eat one handed while opening presents. And sort of special since she didn’t make them that much. Now it has become the one thing we absolutely MUST have on Christmas morning. If Mom doesn’t make them, someone else will. This year Mom is gonna make them in her kitchen and bring them over to my place for Christmas.

Quick Yeast Cinnamon Rolls: Ready in 90 Minutes - Chelsweets

Oh, and Fannie May candy. That’s our other Christmas food tradition. From my Dad’s Mom, she always got the Colonial Assortment for Christmas, or sent it to us when we didn’t do Christmas together. I bought two boxes this year, one for me and my parents, and one to throw in Grandpa’s care package we are dropping off at the gate of his nursing home.

Fannie May Holiday Wrap Colonial Chocolate Assortment, Christmas Candy Gift  Box, 1 Lb- Buy Online in China at Desertcart. ProductId : 164433859.

Beyond that, we can really do whatever we want. Some years my Mom makes eggnog from scratch, sometimes not. Sometimes we have ham for dinner, sometimes meatloaf. Some times we make a bunch of stollen to give to friends, sometimes not. One year my sister made a yule log from scratch, that was cool.

Our 'Perfect Christmas' Stollen – Weekend Bakery
It’s all about the almond paste.

Anyway, what are your favorite/most important Christmas foods?

18 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Christmas Foods! What Are Your Favorites?

  1. Now I want cinnamon rolls. Maybe I’ll make some with our boy when I’m off work after Christmas.

    The only thing I *need* to feel Christmas-y is the fruit punch an exchange student fro Guatemala introduced us to some twenty years ago. It’s just all kinds of dried fruit cooked in sugar water with a stick of cinnamon, but then everything mixes so well. I always try to make a batch at the beginning of December, to help me get into the holiday mood whenever I need a little pick-me-up.


    • Ooooo, that fruit punch sounds really good! I’m worried I don’t have enough fruity drinks, but I think we will be fine.

      On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 10:04 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. The gingerbreads, and on the meal side the ham (I always put the slices in the microwave, since I like to eat them hot, and Finnish Christmas food at our house is mostly cold dishes and the hot ones are just the kinds that I just don’t like) with some good mustard to go with it. Some feel full at Christmas, yet I feel like I am somewhat fasting to an extent whenever the meal time comes.


    • Oooo. Now I want a ham sandwich.

      And gingerbread! I haven’t had real good gingerbread in so long, in America we just get these dry cookie things and it’s not the same.

      On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 10:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • My Grandmother has a special recipe (which is basically a lot of butter) and making the gingerbreads as thin as possible so they are crispy and crack. They are delicious!! My Mom and I did some with the one bought from the shop, and though it is good, in terms of taste there is no competition.


    • Oooo, now I want mushroom soup. And two Christmases ago, we actually had Pierogis. Because there are really good frozen instant heat ones in the store near me. Well, “good”. I am sure not as good as real ones, but better than other frozen instant options.

      On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 2:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Every morning for Christmas we have bagels with cream cheese and lox with champagne and kerns juice. This was at my parent’s house of course, and this is only the second Christmas I have ever spent away from them. The other one was in 2011. I actually couldn’t find any Kerns in our backwater, but the thick syrupy Mexican Jumex will do. Often we had salmon stuffed with cooked onions and herbs for dinner. OH it was sooo GOOD. But it requires my brother-in-law to make it, so we’re having Turkey. I will try not to think about the salmon.


    • Oh, that sounds even better than our Christmas breakfast! Some actual protein in there, not just fat and sugar.

      I hope you are looking forward to this as a special slightly different Christmas and that the boys are okay with not doing the same thing as usual. I am so lucky that I’m not being cut off from my tradition. If this was the first Christmas I was spending away it would really shake me up.

      On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 6:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Any peppermint is my favorite. My parents hate it and while it’s not my favorite I do like and can never have it unless it’s Christmas time.


  5. Plum cake. In south India Christmas means plum cake. I mean there are other regional specialities but plum cake is common to all parts. Kerala plum cakes are the best. I do not think plum cakes are a USA thing. I do not remember seeing them in shops here. I started missing plum cakes so much after moving to the USA that I started making them. In fact I just finished baking a batch and next ones are in the oven. I soaked all sorts of dry fruits and candied fruits in alcohol for two weeks and then I baked now. Have you eaten a alcohol plum cake anytime?


    • I have not! I think alcoholic Fruit Cake was a thing for years and years, but then the amount of time and work put into it just stopped being viable, so fruit cakes became kind of a joke thing in America. People tend to buy them mass produced in stores and they are disgusting. I’m pretty sure the original version was special because the soaking fruit took so long, and because the end result would keep extra well for several days of the holiday thanks to the alcohol, but I’m not sure. This is based on stories I’ve heard from old ladies who used to actually do it from scratch. I also heard a story from an old lady who snuck into the fridge and ate one of the soaking fruits and got super drunk when she was a little girl, and her Mom yelled at her.

      We do have a family Fruit Cake recipe, but it is not like that at all. It’s really just a pound cake with raisins and apricots in it, really good, but no alcohol soaking or any of that traditional stuff.


  6. Does chhole bhatoore and kesar kheer(saffron flavoured rice porridge),with the accompaniment of grilled potato sandwiches and red velvet cake count?That’s what I prefer for my own birthday,I think Jesus too should enjoy it.
    I am not a Christian so I don’t know if that is a traditional delicacy,but I celebrate for the joy of it.


    • It can absolutely count! Christmas food is whatever you make it to be. Our cinnamon rolls were just an accident based on them being easy to eat while opening presents, and now they are Tradition. Actually, I think all the responses so far have been like that, a family tradition that started for logical reasons and now just continues.


  7. Aside from La Vigilia (Christmas Eve) traditional family fish dinner, my most beloved Christmas food tradition is strufolli. Those are the little fried balls of sweet, orange-scented dough drizzled with honey. There are usually several platters of them around the house and we have sticky fingers all week.
    Not this quarantine Christmas however. Tonight, my daughter in law will drop off a doggie bag of 7 kinds of fish she and my son cooked. And tomorrow my friend Sukumar is making ladoo and I’m ordering pizza


    • Oh, strufolli sounds amazing!!! Could i have them on New Year instead?

      I’m glad you still get to have fancy fish tonight. And just make sure to get green peppers for pizza tomorrow so it is Christmassy!!!


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