Silly Sunday: Salman for Christmas

Poor Salman!  A Christmas baby.  He has to share his Sunday fanfic theme post with Christmas theme post.  But it’s kind of a good fit, right?  Salman has that warm sort of vibe that feels kind of Christmassy.

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Silly Sunday: The Christmas Story, in a Hindi Movie Trilogy

I’m excited about this!  In spitballing back and forth in the comments on last week’s post (which was more about Christmas as a festival of lights and social experience and sexy holiday romance), it was suggested that I should just do the whole story.  And I think I can!  If I break it into 3 bits.

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Christmas Means Hope: Why I Find That in Hindi Film

I wrote a silly thing for Sunday using Christmas traditions for fanfic.  And I put up a fanvid post, and I am doing a Christmas Card giveaway.  All of that is kind of silly and superficial, it may seem as though I don’t take the holiday seriously.  Or maybe I do, but I don’t find anything in it that can overlap with my Hindi film love.  And that’s not the case, so I want to write some posts about why Christmas is so important to me, and how it wraps itself around every part of my life, including the films I watch.

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New Youtube Video! How Release Dates Effect Film Performance

Mostly I wanted to do a video to play with my new toy, moviemavengal gave me a lapel mic as an early Christmas present.  I think it works pretty well!  The video is too sunny and my head isn’t exactly centered, but by golly the microphone is perfect!

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Silly Sunday: Christmas Themed! Lights and Trees and Mistletoe and SRK

Happy first Sunday of Advent!  Naturally, I had to do a Christmas themed post (to match my Christmas themed TGIF post).  I briefly considered doing unmarried mothers in honor of Mary, but then I decided to think small instead and use the random small items of Christmas as jumping off points for story ideas.

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TGIF: Happy Christmas and World AIDs Day! Women (and a few men) in Red

Happy Friday!  My goodness this has been a frustrating day.  The second I get in to anything at work the phone rings and I have to stop.  Whether it is blogging or sending an email or doing accounting stuff for work-work, I just don’t have long enough to be able to focus on it.  I am writing this right now at about 2pm, we’ll see if I am able to finish and publish this thing before midnight.  Anyway, Red!  For AIDs and Christmas!!!

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Second Annual Christmas Giveaway Contest Announcement!!!!!!

Happy beginning of the Christmas season!  After Shahrukh’s birthday, that’s the official start of the next holiday time, right?  Anyway, it is for me!  And since it is now the Christmas season, it is time for the annual DCIB Christmas Giveaway Contest!  I am VERY EXCITED!!!!!

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Happy 10 Days Until Christmas!!! Here Are Some Christmas Songs You Might Have Missed

Happy 10 Days to Christmas!  As I mentioned in my book, Christmas music is the only kind of music I really enjoy, besides film music.  Because it feels like it is creating a mood, like it is part of a bigger story, not just isolated art.  But this also means I spend all of December listening to Christmas songs and I can get pretty sick of the same old-same old.  Just in case you are in the same boat, here are some of the best not-standard songs I have run across. (for my favorite standards, check out my earlier Christmas post)

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Christmas Give-Away Post!!!! Winner Week 5!

Thank goodness I am doing this give-away (if you are new to it, whoever makes the most comments each week gets a Christmas card)!  Because I have sooooooooo much going on with Christmas, it is very nice to have a quick and easy thing to post.  Today I picked up my rugs from the cleaners (so they will be clean by the time family starts arriving), put up all my decorations, bought snacks for the Christmas party I am hosting tomorrow, and got my car fixed (that last wasn’t Christmas related, it was just something I needed to do).  And thus, fewer posts.  But at least I can throw this up in between shopping online for all my relatives! (week 1 here, week 2 here, week 3 here, week 4 here)

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Christmas Give Away Post 4!

Yay! Post 4!  In case you missed the others, the rules are simple.  Every week, whoever made the most comments, gets a Christmas card.  You can only win once, if you make the most comments another week, I will skip and go to the next highest.  Oh, and every week I announce the winner for this week, and put up a picture of the card that last week’s winner received. (Here’s the card I posted last week, my favorite.)

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Happy Beginning of the Christmas Season!!!!

This is the post I put up exactly a year ago, when the only people reading this blog were…me (I started posting on my Facebook page so at least my parents would read it a couple days later).  I have gotten much more technically competent since then.  So I am updating it and re-posting it. With notes added from “future me” in brackets.

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Happy Day After Thanksgiving/Start of Christmas!!!

I looooooooooooooove Christmas!  I have 8 Christmas trees, 1,000 Christmas carols on my ipod, and I spend about a month’s income every year on presents and other sundries (like more Christmas trees).  And so, for this very very special occasion, I am going to do a songs post that is NOT Indian!!!!  Although, don’t worry, there is an Indian one going up later today too.

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Christmas Card Give Away Winner Week 3!!!

Merry 6 weeks until January!  And Week 3 of my Christmas give away!  In case you missed last week’s card, here is the link to that post.  This week though, I think, is my greatest creation of this year.  If not of all years!  Oh, and in case you missed the other posts, the rules are, whoever posts the most comments every week gets one of my custom Christmas cards.  And you can only win once, which means there are 9 chances to win!  Well, now 6.

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Give Away News!!! Now That It’s Time For the Next Holiday!

Well, Shahrukh’s birthday is over, which means it’s time for me to start revving up for Christmas.  I loooooooooooove Christmas.  In my Christmas post last year, I said I had 3 Christmas trees.  For my one room studio apartment.  Well, I went shopping after that, and now I have 8 Christmas trees.  And that’s in addition to my Christmas village and my string of 2 foot long light up candy canes.  And I several years ago, I found a special way of combining my Christmas and Indian love.

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Merry Christmas!!!

I already posted some Holiday fanvids in my post-Thanksgiving post, but there are more!

(I know it is really a Mithun song, but it just feels right done by SRKelf)

(It’s from 2013, but I am sure they still wish us this year!)

(all I ever wanted was Christmas wishes from Salman Khan and an underwear company!)

(somehow both sexy and festive!)

And how did I not find this channel until today?!?!?  I have wasted my December!!!  I could have watched the video below 24 days ago!


Indian Film Celebrates Christmas! (yes, that’s Aamir Khan)

I always enjoy these slideshows.  There is such a random collection of people who choose to celebrate Christmas.  Which is nice, because Christmas is awesome, and anyone who feels like it should celebrate it.  And anyone who doesn’t, shouldn’t have to.  And going by the randomness of these, that seems to be the policy followed by the Indian film fraternity.

(well, it’s mandatory for the Kapoors, who always celebrate with the annual Shashi Kapoor Christmas lunch.  Which is also nice, because Shashi hosts it in honor of his late wife Jennifer, so it isn’t just a random holiday for them, it is a mandatory tribute to a beloved aunt/wife/sister-in-law/mother who started the tradition)

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Dilwale Box Office: Ha! I was right!

According to Times of India, overseas business is going great guns, and is picking up over the week, especially among family audiences, as the holiday nears.  So there is still hope!  Just like I said, the second weekend box office is going to be the big one.  This weekend, with schools closed worldwide, Dilwale‘s family friendly content may take the lead over Bajirao with it’s more adults-only content (not like it is super sexual or anything, just fewer bright colors and stupid jokes for 3 year olds).

And, they also say, I am right that Varun is appealing to young people.  Which I agree with, because I am a young person, and I find him appealing.