Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away As We Prepare for COOLIE NO.1 WATCHALONG AT 3PM!!!!!

Happy Saturday! I’ve got sweatpants on, I’ve got leftover cake to eat, I’ve written all my thank you notes, it’s a post-Christmas fun zone! And at 3pm today, I get to watch Coolie No.1 with y’all which is the BEST GIFT OF ALL.

Things to talk about!

What was the favorite present you got?

Mine is definitely the one from my sister. The Murder She Wrote Jigsaw Puzzle Game. You solve a murder, and also finish a jigsaw puzzle, somehow. I haven’t read the directions yet but I already know I will love it.

What was the favorite present you gave?

I gave my nephew all my Archie Comics! Or rather, I gave my nephew a bunch of small boxes in which comics were shipped, and 5 years from now when he can read, he can have the comics. My sister and I over our childhood collected about 500 Archie Comics, combination of hand me downs from family friends, comics purchased at the grocery check out if we were good while Mom shopped, and some big finds at garage sales. When my parents sold their house, I ended up Keeper of the Comics, and I have faithfully stored them in apartment after apartment. But now that my sister has a house and a son, I thought it was time for her to take possession and keep them for the next generation.

Next question! WHY HAS SHAHRUKH NOT POSTED A CHRISTMAS WISH YET??? I have been refreshing twitter like mad waiting for it. Amitabh did, Karan did. But none of the Khans!!!! Are they doing something selfish like celebrating with their families instead of tweeting to us?

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. I’m gonna go wash my hair and change into different clean PJs. December 26th! It’s party time!

20 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away As We Prepare for COOLIE NO.1 WATCHALONG AT 3PM!!!!!

  1. Merry belated Christmas! I can’t join the watchalong but I wanted to know if you’re planning on seeing AK vs. AK. I watched it last night and it’s brilliant. Even my husband enjoyed it and he knows zero about Anil, Anurag and Bollywood gossip. If you get the insider references it’s really extra fun but it also just works as a thriller/comedy for people who don’t get all the references.


  2. That is a great gift for your nephew. My favorite gift was probably the coconuts, but really I think I did good with the Santa gifts this year. The 7yo got the tabletop easel and a set of nice paintbrushes, which he’s already using and so proud of himself. The 10yo got a little beat machine that’s tiny, like the size of a calculator. He hasn’t fully appreciated it yet but that’s because he’s been distracted with his other new toys and he hasn’t seen the YouTube videos showing what you can do with it. And I got lucky too. My husband caught the hints I dropped and got me a cozy blanket for movie watching on the couch. Plus I got a bonus blanket made by a family member. Neni adopted that one.

    Wanted to recommend How to Ruin Christmas: the Wedding. It’s South African, this time not set among the Indian diaspora, but a big, fun, drama-filled family wedding/rom com, centered around two sisters, one the perfect beauty (bride), the other a rebel who always ruins everything (reluctant maid of honor). It’s just three episodes, more like a long movie with two intermissions. Perfect for a holiday binge.

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    • Those are great Santa gifts!!! And you are very patient waiting for the 10 year old to appreciate his gift. So stressful when you give a great gift and then it isn’t appreciated right away! And cozy blankets are amazing. I have one really really good one, the only problem being that the dog keeps stealing it.

      On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 9:48 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Hope you like it! All the shows end on cliff hangers now. This one is better than most, mostly resolved, if you just cut the last minute of dialogue it would be a satisfying ending.


      • I love pomeranians! But something else worth watching? I saw the the part about saving a child on the train station, and it was so 80′.

        I started Mrs Serial killer yesterday and it was absolutely unbearable. I had my expectations very low. I just wanted to laugh a little and watch how pretty Jacquline is, but after 10 minutes I had enough.


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