Congratulations Emily!!!!! Christmas GiveAway Week 7!!!

Second to last one! Or last one? I can’t remember. Let’s say second to last! We’ll do one more winner for New Year’s. Oh, and MARIA! DON’T LOOK IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED! YOUR CARD IS IN THE MAIL!

This is the lovely card that Maria will be getting at some point.

This week, Emily is the winner! Yaaaaay! I will come up with something delightful for her.

Oh, and a whole heck of a bunch of you are getting the standard card of the year this week. I’ve got a regular little mailing list now. But if you want to be absolutely sure you get a card, let me know in the comments. And let me know if you want a Margaret-Made mask too! I’ve got lots of good ones.


6 thoughts on “Congratulations Emily!!!!! Christmas GiveAway Week 7!!!

  1. I love my kiss card. I have a small collection of DCIB cards on my bulletin board, but when I get enuf of them (and Jah willing I will) I’m making a mobile.

    Good morning.


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