Friday WatchAlong: Happy New Year!!! We Are Watching HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 3pm Chicago Time

Shahrukh! And, to a lessor degree, Boman and Sonu and Dips and Jackie and Abhishek and even Vivaan!!!! It’s all happiness all the time.

Happy New Year! It’s on Netflix, it has the perfect title, and it is a super silly happy movie where we can all hate on SRK’s hair and misogyny.

I will put up an “And PLAY!” comment at 3pm Chicago time, and then we can all comment along right here.

387 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Happy New Year!!! We Are Watching HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 3pm Chicago Time

  1. Alright everyone, I think it’s time for me to sign off as well. This was a blast as always. Thanks, Margaret for hosting, and for keeping the blog great. Here’s to more watchalongs and online community building, and an overall better 2021 than 2020 was. Happy New Year, pun very much intended.

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  2. Observation: I love that Jackie never stopped working since he started working in cinema. He has been a hero, 2nd/3rd lead, bad guy, father. I give him so much credit for being so versatile and constantly figuring out a way to work. End deep thought of the day!

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      • I think it comes from being so very very poor growing up. Others were poor, but Jackie was at a different level. He embraced being an acto/star 100% and decided whole heartedly that he was going to stick to it no matter what.


  3. The WDC stage crew is AMAZING. Can we have a moment for them? All the smoke and lights and everything, just thrown together last minute?


  4. So, they have matching white jackets just for 30 seconds before they take them off? This is not a reasonable use of costume budget!


  5. I know this is a silly concern, but with Dips’ engagement ring, is that SRK’s cut of the diamonds that he is giving her, or is that her cut that he is giving her in the form ofa ring?


  6. Since none of the costumes really fit great here, I assume everyone was allowed to go into the costume trailer and pick out what they wanted like a dress up box.


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