Incredibly Specific Silly Sunday/Discussion Post: Who Are 6 Good Dancers We Could Cast in a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Remake?

Genevieve brought this up, and probably only she and I will care about it, but whatevs! It’s my blog, and I just want to make the two of us happy!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Original!!!!

See, the thing about the original 7 for 7 is that it was ALL about the dance. Very very loose plot that was structured entirely around allowing for large all male dance numbers. Boys don’t usually get to do really really cool dances, but making them 7 brothers who live alone in the mountains really opens things up.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: An Explainer - McSweeney's Internet  Tendency

The Satte Pe Satte remake removed the dancing and replaced it with alllllllllllllllllllllllllll the plot. Personally, I like that, plot is good, especially insane plot. But dancing is also good, let’s think about what a dance focused cast would look like.

Seven on Seven (1982) - IMDb

Very easy translation to a primarily dance based Hindi movie! Cast two strong actors and non-dancers as the oldest couple, then load the cast with 6 really good young male dancers, and 6 pretty good young female dancers. Remote farm, 7 hot brothers (INTRO DANCE!), oldest goes into town and finds an unconventional woman to marry, woman cleans up the hot brothers (DANCE!) they go into town to the big festival (DANCE!) and find 6 women who they romance (LOVE DANCE!). But then they have to go home alone and are sad (SAD DANCE). Until their older brother gives them a pep-talk (PEP TALK DANCE) and they go into town and kidnap their girlfriends (no kidnap dance, too serious). They get home and the sister-in-law tells them all off (GUILT REGRET DANCE). But as time passes, the couples fall back in love in general (LOVE DANCE). Until by the time the bridge is rebuilt or whatever cut them off and the families show up (FAMILY ARRIVAL FIGHT DANCE), the couples are in love and want to get married. And then there is a mass wedding (MASS WEDDING DANCE).

Shahrukh and Juhi can be the older untraditional couple. She’s a hardworking spinster trying to keep a small farm going, he’s the devoted older brother who set his life aside to raise his siblings. They meet at the monthly farm market thingy, he immediately decides she is the perfect wife to take home and fix his house/life, she takes a leap because she is non-traditional.

But who are the 6 younger brothers who are all awesome dancers? I’ve got a couple, but then I’m stumped:

Shahid Kapoor (started as a dancer, still awesome at it)

18 Times Shahid Kapoor Was Just Too Damn Charming

Varun Dhawan (started as an actor, but great natural dancer)

Spotboye — 16 Reasons Varun Dhawan Would Make The Best...

And then we need 4 more

Similarly, who are the 6 women?

Shraddha Kapoor

Dancing Dance Moves GIF - Dancing DanceMoves DanceSteps - Discover & Share  GIFs

Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi Party Dance GIF - NoraFatehi PartyDance YeahBaby - Discover &  Share GIFs

Sanya Malhotra

Sanya Malhotra GIF - Sanya Malhotra Dance - Discover & Share GIFs

And then 3 others

Help me! List out the names of 6 really good dancers of the younger generation!

23 thoughts on “Incredibly Specific Silly Sunday/Discussion Post: Who Are 6 Good Dancers We Could Cast in a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Remake?

  1. Ishaan Kattar and Alaya Furniturewala for the youngest pair. Both have really good lockdown videos of them dancing and are actually good dancers. Oh also, Deepika and Ranveer. Oh, Katrina and Kriti too. I don’t know who I would pair them with though.


    • YES! My first thought was Kat as the oldest sister-in-law, but I want that couple to be a notch above in age, more 40s-50s than 30s. But then Kat isn’t quite young enough to be part of the “young people” crowd. It’s a puzzle!!!!

      Kriti, for sure, perfect for a young village girl in love for the first time and an awesome dancer.

      On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 9:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I’m there for this!!! especially with Shahid being one of the older gang.

          Question: what if we notch the ages down? Shahid and Kat are the oldest couple, Ishaan and Alaya are the youngest, and then we fill in with Varun and Kriti in the middle, plus 3 other people to be named later.

          On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 9:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oooh great plan! Oh another idea, we change the script and give the second oldest couple a bigger role. So still keep SRK and either Juhi or Madhuri as the oldest and go from there with Shahid and Katrina.


          • I like that better! Okay, Shahrukh and Juhi fall in love, Juhi comes home with him and is immediately embraced by Shahid (Shahrukh’s next youngest brother) who has felt lonely and missed a woman’s touch more than any of the other boys. Ishaan and Varun, the two youngest, cutely try to drive her away until she wins them over. Then she takes them to the fair, Shahid meets Katrina who is the local dancing girl. But she can’t leave because her pimp/uncle won’t let her leave. And Ishaan meets Alaya, who is the local super rich girl and whose father wants to send her to study overseas and she doesn’t want to go. Varun meets Kriti who is spicy and fun and engaged to someone she doesn’t want to marry.

            So the “kidnapping” is rescuing Kat from her pimp/uncle, getting Alaya before she can be sent overseas, and getting Kriti before she is forced into a marriage. Oh ooh! And instead of being inspired by the Sabin women, they can be inspired by Krishna kidnapping whats-her-face. Or was that Arjun? Anyway, you know the story I mean.

            Ishaan and Alaya don’t get married at the end, they just get permission from their families to go to college together. But the other couples do get married.

            On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 9:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • This is so great! I love everything about it. I also want Kat to have some fight scenes. Also, who we have four brothers now. Do we need 3 more couples or just keep it at 4?


          • Well, we definitely have to add Allu Arjun at least, see Genevieve’s idea below that he is mute and has to romance his widow through dance.


  2. You had the idea of Allu Arjun being one of the brothers earlier and I like that idea – 1. He wants to work in Hindi & 2. I like watching him onscreen. Also – when it comes to ages, with the oldest brother at 50, there could be siblings in the 40s too. It doesn’t need to be a single mature romance. Also, Tiger’s backflip ability would do well with the orginal choreography.

    Just to further screw with mental images, IMAGINE 7 MATURE ROMANCES! All the aging actors together, with all the aging heroines.


    • So, start at SRK, end at Ishaan? So, SRK, then Allu, then Shahid, then Varun, then Tiger, then ____, then Ishaan?

      And for heroines, SRK and Juhi, then Allu and ???, then Shahid and Kat, then Varun and Kriti, then Tiger and Shraddha, then ____ and ____, then Ishaan and Alaya?

      Allu and ??? can be a widow maybe? Allu has been sort of co-head of household with SRK, and is happy to have Juhi, but doesn’t expect to ever get married himself. And then at the fair, he meets a widow with two little kids who is being abused by her in-laws. He feels sorry for her and proposes more as a way of rescuing her than anything else. But after she is “kidnapped”, she and Allu get all sexy and in love together, plus he is cute with her kids.

      On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 9:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oooo, Jr. NTR!!! Wait wait, maybe in the challenge dance at the festival, Prabhudeva and Jr. NTR and anyone else we want show up as the rival dance team?

      On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 11:07 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Allu Arjun – isn’t Allu his last name. The whole family is Allu ___ so I (perhaps mistakenly) assumed in his language or culture the last name went first. Am I totally wrong? I’ll cover my bases by calling him AA – Maybe AA and Anushka? She was originally tapped for the a remake before it died. And Anushka can create chemistry which is not AA’s strong point. Or Vidya! She’s older than AA, but widow with kids… And both those actors are SO CHARMING. It would be like a battle to see who could out-charm the other! Oh, and AA can’t speak Hindi, so if his character could be mute that would help.

    Now for one of the younger brothers – Sunny Kaushal. he can dance and he’s cute and while I might be the only one, I LOVED him in Bhangra Paa Le. Maybe he could be paired with Anushka? He might actually be as tall as her. I can’t see Anushka ever actually agreeing to play such a small role, but then none of them would, so I can’t let that reality interfere with my imagination right? Actually, I don’t know if she can dance, but I’m quite fond of Shriya Pilgaonkar, and she and Sunny have chemistry.

    Next younger brother – Yeh Ballet had one very charismatic dancer – Manish Chauhan. So how about him paired with Sanya?


    • I can’t figure out the Southern name etiquette! Or rather, I can, but I have a hard time knowing which rule to apply. Yes, the family name goes first. Or, in some cases, a caste/religious community name. But there are also some actors who have tried to accommodate western/greater India standards and flipped the tradition to put family name/caste name last. And others who go by just one name. So it’s not so much that the name etiquette is confusing, as that celebrities struggle to figure out which etiquette they want to follow. Anyway, I try really hard to just use every name I have for the person every time I write it, and I still slip up sometimes.

      But Vidya can’t dance! Although Allu is so good, we really want him to just dance around people anyway. LOVE the idea that he is mute!!!!! That can be why he never thought of himself as getting married. Allu is the sensitive mute brother/father, Shahrukh is the authoritarian patriarch brother/father, Shahid is the oldest brother who kind of acted as the go between from the younger ones to the older ones. And then Sunny Kaushal, then the Yeh Ballet dancer, then Varun, then Ishaan. Wait, do I have too many brothers now?

      And if Yeh Ballet and Sanya are paired, then that would be one of the less complicated romances that is just dance. We can have them cute cute meeting, and then he kidnaps her for no particular reason, just because the other brothers actually do have a good reason for the kidnapping. And Sunny can be similar, maybe his girl is a lower caste woman so the community isn’t behind them getting married? But no big backstory behind that.

      On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 11:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • OH – and I had this idea for a song where Juhi explains to AA that there are ways to talk without words so that love isn’t beyond him, a re-do of the traditional courting song. That could be really cute, and I’m loving the idea of Juhi comedy and AA dancing/comedy together in a non-romantic song.


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