Friday WatchAlong: Mirzya! For Kirre’s Birthday! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time Right Here

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRRE!!!!!! I am so excited that, thanks to time zones, we all get to be the first ones to wish you, at midnight Finnish time which should be one hour into this movie (right? Did I do time zones correctly?).

Mirzya! It’s based on a tragic legend that the filmmakers think we all already know, so the whole love story and tragedy part should not surprise us. But also, so sexy! And Harsh, so beautiful! Oh, and it’s on Netflix.

352 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Mirzya! For Kirre’s Birthday! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time Right Here

  1. I know, everyone is just staring at Harsh, but I am mesmerized by Saiyami. She is just stunning! That curly hair is amazing! I am just jealous because it is nearly impossible to even put one curl in my hair.

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      • I just told the 9 year old we would look it up and plan a trip there.
        When? he asked.
        When we’re rich I said.
        We’re never going to be rich he replied.
        You never know, we could win the lottery… Remind me to buy a lottery ticket.
        You never buy lottery tickets.
        Yes, because we never win.

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        • That was our plan! When we were 9 years old, we planned on Dad winning the lottery and then we would build a house where every level had an outside swimming pool built in and you could take a water slide from top to bottom.


  2. So, like, let’s say this couple had never had anyone separating them. They still would have ended up in violence and drama, right??? Like, they would have started dating as teenagers and some guy would whistle at her on the street and he would kill them. They just seem very folie-a-duex (sp) in this scene.


  3. Actual real question, Harsh is irritatinly stupid in this movie but at least he DOES something. Does that make him less irritating than Ranbir in Rockstar when he is Ranjha and doesn’t really do anything? I vote, yes! Harsh over Ranbir! Even if it ends in tragedy, at least he tried.


  4. Choreographer lady, I looked up more about her. She choreographed a whole staged version of Madhushala (his Dad’s poem) for Amitabh’s 70th birthday. The stills look AMAZING and now I really want to see it. She also did a TED Talk with SRK. And did a show for Queen Elizabeth.


  5. This was great. Can’t wait to celebrate Sid’s birthday next weekend!

    Hope you have a happy and healthy year ahead of you, Kirre. Happy birthday!


  6. Never get tired of Mirzya. It’s a beautiful, sad yet uplifting film. And of course, Harsh. It could have been made with half a dozen young male actors, but it was his part. He was perfectly cast in Bavesh Jhoshi, too, altho I think the version I saw streaming was brutally cut.


  7. The 9 year old, a day later, as he was going to bed, told me felt really bad for the fiance. Also, we bought a lottery ticket so we can hope to go visit Indian dunes.


    • I’m worried that 20 years from now the 9 year old is going to be talking to his therapist about weird dreams of death and tragic love and it will all tie back to this.

      On the other hand, when my sister and I were little kids and complaining about the TERRIBLE things our mother did to us (made us help her unload groceries out of the car, made us wake up in the morning, made us walk the dog), she would always say “just think, if I didn’t do this you wouldn’t have anything to tell your therapist”. So it’s a good thing! Keeps your therapist interested!

      On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 4:55 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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