2020 Awards Final Winners!!!! Did Your Favorite Make it To the End???

Yes! I am going to check your comments and find the majority vote on important issues like “best Anil Kapoor” moment!!!

Best Instagram Post

Vijay! Although it was close between him and Karan. But really, that cat photo is for the ages.

Most Salman Moment

100%, riding a horse shirtless to announce a clothing line.

Best Pregnancy

Anushka! For the simple reason that it is the first baby for the couple

Best Animal Photo

Unamimous. Clean sweep for Vijay and his cat.

Happiest Story

A tie! Shahrukh’s hair, and Sonu Sood being awesome and recognized for being awesome.

The Badshah is back! Shah Rukh Khan's long hair look is so HOT | The Times  of India
People requesting Sonu Sood on social media to help them reach home- The  New Indian Express

Most Worthless Reality Show

Surprisingly, What the Love!!!! This was a competitive category, Wives got a lot of votes, and even Matchmaker did as well. But What the Love won based on “I wasn’t even interested enough to watch it” theories.

Best Instagram Feed

Surprise winner! SID!!! Top choice for two people, and second choice for two people

Most Shahrukh Moment

Hyundai Ad! Inspirational, Happy, All those things

Most Anil Moment

Anil with a Puppy giving us his Anil smile!!!

Favorite Rahman Song

It’s a 9 way tie! No one had the same favorite song. But two people picked Jodha-Akbar, so I’m gonna give that as Favorite Soundtrack. And also, it just FINALLY hit youtube legally.

Best Netflix Release

Yeh Ballet! Which I haven’t even seen!!! And now I am thinking I should?

Yeh Ballet - Wikipedia

5 thoughts on “2020 Awards Final Winners!!!! Did Your Favorite Make it To the End???

  1. I was intensely lazy over my holiday and then mentally paralyzed trying to pick my favorite streaming thing and favorite pregnancy. Bulbul was absolutely made for me with the old Bengali setting and the pretty costumes and sets and the Tagore references and Rahul and Parambrata, but it was so swift. Maybe I unconsciously expected it to be a slow Bengali movie. Right now it’s a three way tie between it, AK vs AK, and Raat Akeli Hai. I should look at Yeh Ballet, though. For some reason I thought it was a series, which put me off a bit. I’m glad Vijay and the cat one, but what other result was possible?


    • Yes, I think Vijay and the Cat really won all of 2020. We can agree on that.

      On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 8:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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