Chatty Check In Post: Who Here Has Succumbed to the Temptation to Be Lightly Cruel Because it is So Darn Funny?

Don’t worry, this is very light cruelty. We are in Happy Place land for sure. But there were three things I was just thinking about and I want us all to compare them.

I was just in the kitchen with my Dad and Albie Dog, and Dad showed me how if he opens his hand as though he dropped something on the floor, Albie Dog will spend a good 5 minutes sniffing around looking for it. But, THERE’S NOTHING THERE!!!! He’s just that DUMB!!!! So it’s maybe a little cruel to trick a dumb animal, but it’s also very funny for the Humans to watch him determidly sniff.

On the other hand, yesterday my sister sent us a hilarious video of her sobbing child. He’d gotten up the steps but couldn’t remember how to go down again, so he was just standing on the top of the stairs crying. It was real funny. Of course, she was also taking a video of her crying child instead of comforting him, so a little cruel.

Taimur is crying in latest photo with Kareena Kapoor and it has  disappointed us for the entire day already
Crying Taimur is the funniest thing EVER. Which may mean I have no soul.

And then I was thinking of one of my Mom’s stories from her childhood. When she and her brother were little kids, one morning her Mom rushed into their bedroom saying “get up get up! You are going to miss it!!!!” So they burst out of bed and ran down stairs and asked “what? what? What are we going to miss?” And she said “the day! It’s going by while you sleep”. And yes, they have never fully forgiven her for this, but also, isn’t it a funny story? Especially picturing the two grumpy little kids?

Now, you see what I mean by the cruel versus funny line? Have you succumbed to this yourself? Taken a photo of a crying child because it’s just too funny looking? Tricked your children in order to get them up in the morning? Faked out a dumb dog so you can watch him hunt for the invisible ball?

7 thoughts on “Chatty Check In Post: Who Here Has Succumbed to the Temptation to Be Lightly Cruel Because it is So Darn Funny?

  1. Growing up, I was the youngest of 6, 5 older brothers and me. Was I protected? Youbetcha. But I was also teased. I never knew cupcakes came with icing. Cats and dogs mated and had little catdogs and if I did their chores, they’d get me one. They gave my book of love poems to the little boy next door that i liked, and they took away my my ski poles at the top of the mtn so I had to ski down without them. I could go on. Point is, I try really, really hard not to tease. My bros are wonderful, caring adults. But the memory lingers. I know I’ve hurt some people out of selfishness or meanness, or even unknowingly, and I’m a sucker for a good old trashy gossip session. But no teasing ever.


  2. The thing about babies is they can’t talk yet. Crying doesn’t always mean they’re in distress, it’s just a form of communication. So yes, there were times I cracked up at mine when they were at the stage where they got themselves flummoxed by a simple thing that in another few weeks they would do without thinking twice. One of my favorite videos of my youngest is of a moment when he’s taking his first steps, crying and not totally on board with what his legs have decided to do. I show it to him now and he thinks it’s hilarious. Ditto the photos of both of them when they were learning to feed themselves and ended up with oatmeal, or cheese, in places not remotely in the vicinity of their mouths. Eating is hard at first! And funny for the spectators.

    Now that they’re bigger, I don’t really prank them. I do say things that aren’t true to see if they’re paying attention.


    • And it has to be said, some babies just look really really funny when they cry. Not all babies, but you get the right combination of big eyes and fat cheeks and it’s just hilarious.

      On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 12:21 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Kids cry ALL THE TIME. And sometimes they aren’t really sad, I mean there is a difference between cries; true fear doesn’t sound like “I want attention”. So yes, I have filmed the I want attention cry many times. And dogs aren’t people, it is okay to trick them. Actually I used to sometimes trick my babies too. When the 12-year-old was a quadruped he was terrified of balls. Full confession, it was true fear. But still I would show him a ball, laugh in shock when he burst into tears (again), and then comfort him. I never rolled a ball at him, but I didn’t shelter him from all things round, and even though it was true fear, it was still funny. I’m a horrible person.


    • My sister sent me a great video yesterday of throwing a blanket over the baby and watching him fight his way out of it. He wasn’t sad, but he also wasn’t enjoying it nearly as much as we enjoyed watching him. Really, for all we do for babies, they owe us some harmless amusements.

      On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 1:03 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The six year old threw a giant temper tantrum because he didn’t get the card he wanted to get in a board game. Such a fit that I laughed as I sent him to his room for a time out. But then, when he came out six minutes later and tossed all the board game pieces around the room and screamed so loud his fathers students could all hear it through the closed doors, then it was less funny. (He was hungry, he then ate two bowls of cereal and we went for a walk, but he did loose all TV privileges for the day). Maybe his tantrum extension will be funny tomorrow.


        • I mean, I find it funny already!!!! But then, I don’t have to live with him. Kids are a lot funnier when you don’t live with them.

          On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 1:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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