DCIB Book Club Week 3: Two Weeks to Read This One!!! An ACTUAL BOOK!!!

Yes, I am challenging you! To read an ACTUAL BOOK. And I am torn between two books, so I will leave it up to you which one we pick.

The Blue Castle

It’s another Montgomery, but it is her most adult romance novel. It’s a bit of a hidden gem, it’s addictive, it’s delightful, it’s available for free digitally and cheaply and easily in paperback.

The Blue Castle

Siva Purana by Ramesh Menon

Want to learn about Hinduism? Here it is! In short book form! And it’s ALL SEX!!!! So much sex!!!! And really detailed stuff about ejaculation and things. And no, this isn’t a “reimagining”, this is straight up authentic. You really do learn about Hinduism and the concepts of the Gods and love and duty and stuff, but also I want to warn you up front that it is very R-rated. It’s longer than Blue Castle, and it takes a bit of work to get used to it, but it has more ultimate value. Oh, and it’s only available on Kindle through Amazon, but it looks like you can get a used copy through Biblio.

SIVA PURANA by [Ramesh Menon]

Anyway, which would you rather? I don’t want to stay Light if you are ready for something with substance, but I also don’t want to do substance if you would rather do more Light.

Either way, TWO WEEKS!!! Time enough to order and read the book if you want a physical copy, or read the book slowly if you do digital.

12 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club Week 3: Two Weeks to Read This One!!! An ACTUAL BOOK!!!

  1. Im way behind on my work and can’t do book club right now. But you make Siva Purana sound so interesting, I’m ordering it and will check out the comments thread.


    • Siva Purana is interesting!!! And fun that we have one vote for that 🙂

      On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 12:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. R-rated?It is still vanilla.Wait till you read Shakta literature.Just google up the image of Chinnamastika to know what I mean.
    Shiv purana by Menon is interesting,it is great that he didn’t water everything down.If you find time,do read Wendy Doniger’s interpretation of Shiva,a very humorous and simplified explanation of the esoteric(and erotic)philosophy.


    • I was thinking, the Bible has loads of weird sex too, but I think Shiva is still way better. It just is.

      On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 8:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Hmm seeing as how I do read some fairly explicit romance from time to time, I think I’ll go with The Blue Castle just to switch things up!


      • Lol, I didn’t realize I was tying the vote! Well, to be perfectly honest I’m sure I’ll get to the Blue Castle at some point, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if the book club went with Siva Purana. Educational and sex is not a combo I often read, but maybe that’s what we all need!


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