Instagram Round-Up: Karan’s Babies, Sid is Cute, Harsh Eats Ice Cream, Anil Wears Sunglasses

Instagram! Place of happiness and joy and cute photos!!!! It is super overcast here this morning, so I need some joy.

Look look!!! Karan’s babies in sunglasses!!!

And Sid with a nice message and photo to thank us for his birthday wishes

Vijay Sethupathi and a new photo from Greatest Calendar of All Time

Harsh Kapoor Eating Ice Cream

A super happy New Year’s Photo from Aish and family

Anil Kapoor in a sunglasses ad


17 thoughts on “Instagram Round-Up: Karan’s Babies, Sid is Cute, Harsh Eats Ice Cream, Anil Wears Sunglasses

  1. Cat photo was 50 times better, it may be because of the cat. Are Karan’s babies half white? It shouldn’t matter, I shouldn’t care, but with all the race stuff happening in my country, I can’t deny it bothers me and I’m waring with the part that cares.


    • Yes, this has been a discussion since their birth. India is still just finding its way with the legalities and physical and emotional stuff around surrogacy, my guess is that their biological mother is American or European just because surrogacy systems are better there.

      The trolls say he wanted “white children” which just feels like an ugly ugly thing to say.


  2. This might be a bit out there but I think Karan might have had half white babies so nosy people wouldn’t be able to track down the “mother” of his children. “Mother” means whoever gave her eggs. I’m trying to be respectful and sensitive because it isn’t really our business how he got them as they are Karan’s children.

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    • Exactly. The legalities and process of him managing to have children are something close to a miracle. I really think the color of their skin was beside the point when he was rushing to arrange for their birth before India passed a law making it illegal for a single father to have a baby by surrogate. Which, I believe, actually did happen shortly after they were born.

      Yep, just looked it up, in 2016 right when the twins were born the Indian parliament first introduced a bill making surrogacy illegal in India unless it was a Husband and Wife married at least 5 years. So I am almost positive Karan would have sensed that in the wind and gone for surrogacy outside of India. And certainly went for surrogacy in the first place because he feared the public court case and difficulties of adoption as a famous single man.

      But of course for internet trolls to talk about that would be to acknowledge that the laws of India are still extremely homophobic and directly targeting men such as Karan who just want to be fathers. So it’s easier to say “oh, he wanted white children, that’s why they look like that, what a terrible person, good thing we are about to pass a law so only a husband and wife can have surrogate children instead of shallow single men like Karan who only care about appearances and can’t REALLY have unconditional love.”

      Sorry, I’m feeling bitter today for some reason. Maybe because I just reread the adoption laws as well and learned it is ILLEGAL FOR A MARRIED WOMAN TO ADOPT IN INDIA!!!! Because she cannot have children, only her husband can. If a married couple wants to adopt, really the husband adopts and his wife just goes along with it. Meaning also of course if they divorce, the children belong to her husband and she has no legal right to them. A married man can adopt, a single man can adopt (with restrictions, like only boy children), a single woman can adopt (with restrictions, she has to be at least 25), but a married woman cannot legally adopt a child. !!!!!

      Yeah, if I wanted to have children as a single person in India, I would probably either adopt overseas, or opt for an overseas surrogate too. And if I wanted to have children as a married woman, same thing, I’m not risking my husband taking my kids away because I have no legal right to them.

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