DCIB Book Club TWO WEEKS READING TIME!!! The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery

I’m excited! We’re gonna read one of my favorite novels! And feel all smart and worldly and also romantical and silly.

I actually wrote a whole post announcing the choice of the Siva Puranam, and then there was a last minute Blue Castle vote and that tipped the scales. Probably a good thing, Blue Castle is a slightly easier read and slightly easier to get your hands on.

The Blue Castle is a lovely short novel by LM Montgomery which has now dropped out of copyright, so you can get it almost anywhere.

Amazon Link:

Gutenberg Australia Link (not sure why it is only available on the Australia site)


And Biblio link if you want to buy a used copy. Really, it’s a very quick read, so long as you get a copy and can carve out a few hours, you could read the whole thing in a day.

11 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club TWO WEEKS READING TIME!!! The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery

  1. Ordered hard copy of Siva Puranam. It will take 2 weeks (!?) But by then I hope to have time to read it and will give my opinion, book club or not.
    First chapter on line is kickass!

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  2. I got it from Bookercafe via Amazon, paid $27 plus tax (don’t pay shipping) for a new papetback. Unfortunately, it’s being shipped from India and won’t arrive until February, 9th thru 16th. Maybe we can do a book club share in March.


  3. Darn! I’m in NYC. Looked everywhere on line and finally settled on Amazon. It was a tossup between quick arrival with huge shipping costs, or free shipping but you’ll get it February.


    • It’s SO GOOD!!!! And total pandering. And SO GOOD. Exact wish-fullfillment of any woman who has felt unattractive and overlooked and like life is passing her by.

      On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 1:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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