Wednesday Watching (on Thursday): What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Week???

Happy Thursday!!! I am writing this post in advance and scheduling it, so I am going to assume that this is a good happy day and we can carry on with business as usual.

I’ll start!

Reading: My post on Tuesday made me think about romance novels, but instead I am considering trying Clarence Buddington Kelland again. He was a very successful author of the 30s-40s-50s but has sort of been forgotten since then. I ran across his books in the public library when I was a kid and liked them, and now a bunch of new Kellands I haven’t read are suddenly available on Kindle. Thank you Amazon!!!

Watching: I have completely converted my parents to Columbo, huzzah! Next step, Murder She Wrote!!! And on my own, I have been watching increasingly terrible true crime shows. Best title “Bride Killa: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Murrrrrrrrrrrrder”

Thinking: Good Lord, human contact makes a big difference, doesn’t it? With the blizzard, I didn’t even drive over to get curbside groceries last weekend, and no one else was out when I walked the dog. So I spent three days seeing not a single other living soul and lost the will to do anything but puzzle, not even change a lightbulb. And then on Sunday night I went over to my parents like usual and within about ten minutes I was bouncing off the wall with energy! Humanity! It’s a good thing!!!

Listening: I am trying to be calm and peaceful today, so I am listening to my super calm and peaceful song, “Nahin Samne”

Question for you: What is your super calm and peaceful song? Can be Indian or non-Indian.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching (on Thursday): What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Week???

  1. My super calm song has got to be “ye dhuan sa kahan se uthta hai”.Sadly the original is lost and only three minutes of it are available as background music.
    Have you watched the 1984 movie Utsav?It has got kings and courtesans and swashbuckling,with a hilarious dose of kamasutra(and a ton of innuendos which passed under the censors).Great performances by Rekha and Shashi.


  2. I’ve become obsessed with the movie Sir. I first watched it as myself, looking for the cultural aspects of HOW people live with live in servants and how it works and what is expected. Watching it as myself when the romance came it was shocking because the power imbalance was so drastic. So then I watched it again as a romance, searching for the moments love began and then it was a different movie, one where I could almost ignore the total wrongness of romance without power.

    And after watching the movie aspects of Parugu made more sense. In Parugu the servant sleeps on the floor next to her mistresses bed. The obviousness of such an imbalance of power bothered me (because I’m American), but now I realize it is for safety. That young maid is much safer sleeping in her mistresses room, than perhaps anywhere else in a large house. The mistress is probably safer too.


    • I’ve really got to watch Sir, don’t I? I was going to see it this week but then we watched Tribhanga instead.

      Yes to being safe sleeping in her mistress’ room. The other thing is, she is always going to sleep on the floor. That’s not even necessarily a class thing exactly. There aren’t enough beds/rooms in a house to go around, in some movies you see the younger generation sleeping on mats on the floor. So it’s not “sleep on the floor next to me so I can call on you when needed” it’s more “take your mat and sleep in my room with me because I like you”.

      On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 10:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Watching Great Indian Kitchen on Neestream. It has got really good reviews and Melanie (Paradesi) reviewed the movie too. Good thing is 5 day rental costs $2 so no need to pay more just for one movie.


  4. I keep meaning to come comment here on Wednesday and it keeps passing me by and I thought it was me, until I saw a reporter on Twitter sum up the past three Wednesdays in three photographs and I realized it wasn’t just me. So that’s a relief in some ways. Anyway, not that I have a lot to report, but here goes:

    Watching: I finished One Way to Tomorrow, my second Turkish movie. I liked this one much better, it’s a solid little rom com. Like an Imtiaz Ali movie made on a shoestring, if all he had to work with were two actors and a train. The lead actors are strong, and the writing is really good – even though they spend most of the movie in a compartment or the cafe car, you feel like a lot happens because of the connections slowly revealed between the characters. Recommended. Also watched Maara, which was lovely. I’ll go comment over on the review, have been meaning to do that too.

    Reading: a little unexpected, but I got curious about the Lenni Lenape, the people who originally lived in this part of the US, and I found there’s a whole fascinating history of this community that lived in hiding for over a century in an area of NJ not far outside of Philadelphia. The book I read is called Strong Medicine Speaks, it’s an oral history (I love oral histories) of an elder who tells the story of her life from the 1920s through the Depression, the KKK era, WWII (her husband was captured and escaped), the Civil Rights era, the American Indian Movement (the first time, in the 70s! the community could come out of hiding), to the early 2000s when the book was published. This lady, Marion Strong Medicine, is a hoot, she’s great to spend time with. Especially for anyone in the NY, NJ, PA, DE ├írea, it’s a piece of lost history recovered.


    • I’m thinking maybe the reason I didn’t love Maara is just because I am a shallow young person. Angie and I had similar reactions of “really nice, miss a couple of things taht were different in Charlie” and Alicia loved it because it felt like a mature story. Booo to maturity! I want youthful adventure and excitement!

      On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 11:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh, and that book sounds FASCINATING!!!! I should investigate and see if there is a similar book for IL. Probably not, since we were fairly scorched earth about chasing the native peoples out.

      On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 11:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I watched a bad Unni Mukundan movie Chanakyathanthram and enjoyed it a lot. Or at least enjoyed 3/4 of it, because the final twist was very dark. The movie is silly and badly made. Unni playes a private detective who disguises every 5 minutes. There is also Sshivada I like a lot, and in the middle of the film Anoop Menon appears, looking very cool. It was a nice surprise because I like him, but didn’t have idea he is in this movie. But then in the end – the twist that doesn’t have much sense and is super dark because it’s about kidnapped and raped girl. The movie is a remake of tamil film, and at first I thought that’s the reason of the dark twist, but no. The tamil version isn’t that sad. Some of the disguises:

    And today I just finished Chakoram, a malaylam movie from 1994. I was scrolling einthusan in search of something nice to watch and I saw this sinopsis:

    “The film is about an arrogant and bold spinster, in her late thirties, whose life turns upside-down with the arrival of an ex-army-man in the neighbourhood. ”

    I knew I must watch it and I was right because it was very nice. The heroine was great (Shanthi Krishna won Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress for this role) and the romance was very good. There was also an improvised wedding, my favourite type of the filmi weddings. I was watching sure there will be a happy ending but suddenly I remembered it’s malayalam movie so nothing is sure. I watched the rest of the movie on the edge of my seat.


    • I am so glad you watched two good movies this week! You have had such a string of stinkers, this is delightful. And two Angie movies also! Like, movies made just for you and most other people wouldn’t like them.

      On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 6:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Chanakyathanthram really is a movie only a Unni Mukundan fan can enjoy. I don’t reccomend it to others.

        Regarding Colombo – my family and I always watch crime series during meals. We watched first 7 or 8 seasons few months ago and I loved it. Everything is so well made: the story, the actors, the costumes. Unfortunately Prime doesn’t have more seasons. The same with Murder she wrote, only 8 seasons.
        Last week we finished Castle and it was very good, but they should have ended it earlier. The last season was repetitive (how many times a person can be kidnapped?) and the climax unsatisfactory.
        And now we started Poirot.


        • Luckily, Columbo you aren’t missing much, it really drops off in the last few seasons. MSW stays golden and perfect straight through, it is just the BEST show.

          On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 2:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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