11 Things I Have Learned From Binging True Crime Shows

I am gonna try to Weekend again. Which means watching bad true crime shows in the background while doing puzzles, and leaving the laptop CLOSED. Anyway, I thought I should share with you the information I have learned from these helpful helpful shows.

  1. If your boyfriend says he is in the CIA, he is never really in the CIA
  2. Do not marry someone you met less than 2 months ago
  3. A baby makes everything worse
  4. Do not blindly trust your husband/wife to handle the money
  5. Never ever buy or build a “dream home”
  6. Do not marry someone who was previously cheating on their spouse with you
  7. Do not marry as teenagers
  8. If your boyfriend says he is the new Prophet of Christ, he is never really the new Prophet of Christ
  9. If the leader of your church says that God told him he has to have sex with you, God did not really tell him that
  10. Do not stay in a marriage because “another divorce would be so embarrassing”
  11. If your new boyfriend/girlfriend is arrested because of a “misunderstanding”, it is not really a misunderstanding.
  12. If you live in “the kind of town where people don’t lock their doors”, you will be killed in a shocking and grizzly fashion. Cities are much safer.

15 thoughts on “11 Things I Have Learned From Binging True Crime Shows

    • YES! Never ever take out life insurance. Or, if you have to, always make your underage children the recipients and not your spouse.

      On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 1:09 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  1. #12 is problematic. The police regularly put out announcements asking people to lock their house and car doors. And we do, when we leave town.


    • So long as people still describe it as “the kind of place where people don’t lock their doors”, I think you are in danger of a shocking tragedy that changes your community……forever.


      • In October 2018 a teen on an unknown drug walked out of her family’s house and never returned. She lived very close to a large highway so theories lead to an evil truck driver or dead in desert and we haven’t been able to find the body. In the spring of 2019 (I think) a woman at viewing spot in the White mountains above us claims a man attacked her while her husband was parking the car, she ran away and hid in a canyon for two days. The majority of locals think she was crazy and her story is false. The posters with the teen’s face are everywhere.


  2. Now I am worried about my father because the town I grew up in is legitimately one “where people don’t lock their doors.” Thankfully he just came back to stay with me and my sister for a couple weeks!

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      • If those are my only options, I hope he is a secret bank robber. He would have to be quite good at it if he hasn’t been caught for this long. And maybe this means my sister and I will be left with a huge stash of money we didn’t know about! If that is the case, I promise to share with you and DCIB regulars. It’s only fair since you figured out his secret identity first.


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