Saturday WatchAlong: Bobby Jasoos!!! 7:30am Chicago Time!

You know the best part about doing the early Saturday Watchalong? I have to walk the dog sooooooooooo early that no one else is on the street and I don’t have to wear a mask. Such a treat.

Get your coffee, get your pancakes, get your cozy blanket, and snuggle up to watch Bobby Jasoos with all of us! It’s on Netflix, it’s pretty short, and it is very happy.

In a little bit at 7:30am, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment to start us all off, and then you can keep commenting along with me until we finish the film.

301 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Bobby Jasoos!!! 7:30am Chicago Time!

  1. That slap was sexy. It’s wrong because violence, but it was, right? And then he should have grabbed her and kissed her until she forgot to slap.


    • Two of my children look NOTHING like me, but they look like each other, so I would have figured it out for the second non-look-a-like if not for the first.


      • But do they look like your husband or anyone else in your family? I just feel like you can’t be starting from scratch completely! There’s got to be more than just birthmarks to help you recognize them.

        On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 4:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • They have my husbands eyes, in fact all the kids, even the one that looks kinda like me, have my husbands eyes. He has a dominant blue eye gene I guess. But I guess the truth is a lot of kids don’t really look anything like their parents when they are young because kid faces and adult faces are usually different. But the crux of the matter is, if I didn’t raise them, I don’t think I would know they were mine. The one that looks a little like me looks a lot like my brother did growing up, I might be able to pick him as a likely candidate for my child from a line up. After babyhood and toddlerhood I could probably pick out the others too, BUT dad’s don’t spend as much time with babies and toddlers. So it is still believable to me that the Dad wouldn’t immediately recognize them.


  2. Also, if I have learned anything form movies, it is that THIS is why you need a family song!!!! You just wander the neighborhood singing the family song until your lost children hear and reappear. It works every time.


  3. This is exactly how I want riots to be dealt with in movies. It’s a tragedy that ruins lives, and we are just sad about it, we don’t look for blame or vengeance.

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  4. This movie came out in 2014. Serious question, do you think a movie like this could come out now?! I am afraid the answer is no and it makes me so sad.


    • In terms of religion, there’s also Sultan which I cling to. And in terms of women stuff, there’s Tumhari Sulu.

      I would say it is more about the small budget low ambition movie that gives you space to experiment. And those movies are struggling with being too big for Netflix but too small for the wide release. I’m excited to see what the post-COVID film world looks like, I hope it has more space for them.


      • Oh I think the series should focus on the case of the week filled with Vidya’s antics and costumes and Tassawur romance interspersed. Tasawoor is proud of her, but also some times worried, comes to her rescue when necessary, and they continue to have the same sexy, fun, banter.

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        • And there’s a running gag about “when will we get married?” and they keep delaying the wedding for various reasons. Until it finally happens in the series finale.


          • YES! Series and books are so much more fun when the couple is dating but not married (Janet Evonovich does this so well!) This would be perfect!


          • YES! Janet Evanovich really gets it. Although it’s also getting her into trouble, because as she gets past 20 books it relaly starts to feel strange that the relationships are just in a holding pattern. She’s gotta figure out a way to move them forward without moving them forward.


  5. This was soooooooooo adorable! Perfect aside from the fact that they should have thrown the dads into the sun, but women disagreeing with their parents is a huuuuuuuuge taboo in Indian film these days so I guess that can’t happen.

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  6. Margarat – Thank you SO much for first, watching this movie, and then, hosting this watchalong. This movie just makes me to deliriously happy!

    Ladies – thank you so much for making this so fun with all your comments!

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  7. Thank you all so much for joining me! And forgiving me for oversleeping, and worrying because I overslept!!!!

    Just so you know, I managed to grab 5 minutes to runt he dog outside, make coffee, and brush my teeth during the film. So now I am ready to start the day, PHEW!

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  8. Just had a thought. That dude was really rich, and he made and sold paper. Kinda unbelievably rich for making and selling paper. And his paper operation couldn’t have been that big because he personally sold the paper to individual stationary stores.


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