Photo Request! DCIB Dogs in Snow! (And Cats? Or Babies?)

Do cats go out in snow? I just don’t know. Anyway, DCIB Dogs in Snow! FilmiKudhi already sent a photo of Theo, but I don’t want him to be all alone. So, send in your Dogs in Snow photos! Or Dogs in Cold Weather Cuddling Into Warmth photos!

Cats in cold weather! Dogs in Snow! Children with Snowmen! Show us your experience of this random big snowstorm that is hitting multiple places at once! Let us have a COMMUNITY!!!!

And also, no matter where you are or who you are, my snowstorm is bigger than your snowstorm. As a Chicagoan, the Cubs being the losingest team and us having the biggest/worst snowstorms are the two things that I am super super competitive about. Oh, and also Most Corrupt City Government. And some years, most murders! If we have to be bad, I want to be the worst bad.

Just look at this view outside my window!

8 thoughts on “Photo Request! DCIB Dogs in Snow! (And Cats? Or Babies?)

  1. Snow? You want snow? I lived in Syracuse, NY for 20+ years. With an average snowfall of over 120 inches, it is on record the snowiest city in the lower 48 states. My sweet, little Endwell, NY is much easier to deal with. Until this winter. The week before Christmas we got 42 inches in a 2 day period. And it’s snowing again. Anyhow, here is my pup Augustus, enjoying the white.


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