Master Discussion Space: Vijay Versus Vijay! How Much Did You Like It and Why?

This is a movie I am actually curious to see. But I want to watch it with friends, and none of my friends have Prime, so I’m not gonna be able to see it any time soon. And in the meantime, I want y’all to be able to talk about it. So this is your Discussion Space, Spoilers Allowed, Go Wild. And once I do watch it at some point, I will review it.

It’s a Tamil film, so it’s gonna have an Issue, and I guess this time the issue is juvenile detention centers and reform, with Vijay as the teacher who tries to help the boys. But, presumably, in a cool charming fun Vijay way. And then Other Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, is the Big Bad who is using the boys. In presumably a tormented and weirdly sympathetic Vijay Sethupathi kind of way.

Vijay-Starrer 'Master' Poised To Jumpstart India's 2021 Box Office –  Deadline

Does Vijay give a big long speech at some point about society and reform that feels like it could be part of an imminant run for political office?

Does Vijay Sethupathi look under his eyebrows at someone in a way that is opaque but you want to believe is sympathetic?

Is there a big song number?

Is the love interest boring?

Does it feel like 3 hours or does it feel much shorter than 3 hours?


19 thoughts on “Master Discussion Space: Vijay Versus Vijay! How Much Did You Like It and Why?

  1. I think you can host an Amazon watch party and anyone with the link can join it. They don’t need to have Prime to do so. It’s text chatting only on the watch party, so you won’t be able to see faces unless you have a parallel Zoom going or something. I just watched Master that way with a friend in Canada. It was fun!


    • I’ve tried 😦 Amazon makes you sign in even if you have the link.

      Anyway, I will definitely watch it at SOME point, maybe as soon as next week as a one on one with a friend who does have it, I just don’t want to make y’all wait.

      Also, I checked and it is playing at a theater near me and I am SO TEMPTED because it seems like such an epic theatrical film. But no, parents, responsibility, bleh.

      Anyway, tell me if Vijay 1 gives a big speech and if Vijay 2 looks delicately under his brows!


      • Man, that is so unfair!

        Confession: I went to see this in the theater. I was the only person sitting in the whole middle section of the theater, and there were about 30 desis all way in the back. It was a touch free experience, other than the door handle to get in/out, fixtures in the bathroom, and of course sitting in the seat. But yeah, still a risk for sure. It was my first chance to see VSP in a theater since becoming a fan and I couldn’t resist! VSP got almost as many whistles, laughs, and whoops as Vijay–made me so happy! 🙂

        This is a mass movie, fun but not connected to reality. Great to see in the theater, but it was fun on the small screen too.

        Vijay is less Vijay, more actor, but it is still a star vehicle. So yeah, he made some speeches, but they were smaller and shorter, I guess?

        There is nothing delicate or sympathetic about Sethu’s performance. He is basically a demon in human form, and he is clearly having a blast playing the character. As many have said, I enjoyed the way the story was balanced and parallel between the villain and hero, and how they don’t meet until 2/3 of the way through the film.

        The songs are big and fun; the love interest is so boring, but thankfully not around much. The boys/young men are a delight to watch–good uns and bad uns.

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  2. Love interest is close to negligible! And songs are catchy and dance oriented…both heroes have superb screen presence,love their introduction scenes and fight scenes (full on tamil style whistle inducing) however i do wish the ladies had a bigger and more meaningful role in this movie!

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  3. To be fair, the love interest does set things in motion for the Vijays to meet so there’s that. But beyond that, she’s not that important to the film. This was just such fun to watch though! I usually watch Vijay movies with my friend – its our thing. We did a watch party to see this and had a blast.


  4. Spoiler:

    Am I the only one who thought that Vijay will be stabbed in the back by Das after the final fight? He leaves the room after the fight and turns back and I was 100% sure Das will be there to kill him and steal all VJS empire.


  5. I really can’t add much. Both Vijays are fantastic, the music bangs, the heroine is boring.The film is slow on the get-go but builds to a great finish and not too dark considering the subject. Yes, Thalapathy talked too much and Sethupathy who is the most nuanced of actors, went full-out. I thought, since so much time is spent on his miserable childhood, that we were supposed to get glimpses of a villain’s underlying humanity. Setghupathy could have really carried that off, generated sympathy for his character then let us watch it slowly drain away. I’d like to see more from Arjun Das; wonder if he can carry a non-negative role. Some confusing twists (subtitles disappeared in a blink), Thalapathy Vijay recovers too quickly from murderous beatings, and I didn’t like that he went to prison in the end. Is there a jailbreak sequel in the offing?The part I really liked was when he’d had enough and hoists Sethupathy on the meat hook.


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