Valentine’s Week Announcement!!! 90s Week of Romance!!!!!

Sorry, I know this wasn’t a suggestion from any of you. But it popped into my head and got me all excited, and hopefully it will get you excited too.

90s Week!

For next week, give me ideas of things I could write about that is All About the 90s!!!! Like a clickbait Listicle!!!!!

American 90s Romance Films You Want Me to Review

When Harry Met Sally... - Wikipedia
Technically this is from ’89, but I will allow it.

Indian 90s Romance Films You Want Me to Review/Repost

Time to talk about Hum Hain Rahe Pyar Ki again?

Top Ten Lists of Songs/Couples/Movies/Everything

Is this the best romance song/movie/couple of the 90s?

Real Life Romance Stories

Kajol's Father Was Not Okay With Her Marriage To Ajay Devgn, Here Is Why!
Weddings used to be so much smaller

Give me post ideas! I am sure you can think of really good ones for me to add.

21 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week Announcement!!! 90s Week of Romance!!!!!

  1. omgomgomg
    90s Romcoms (American): Clueless, She’s All That.
    90s Romcoms (Indian): I’m so sorry! Just the next part of DDLJ. *hides face* or a comparison of the three love stories in HSSH.
    Couples: SRK and his leading ladies (and their chemistry), an overview!
    Can’t think of any real life love stories that I’d want to hear about (only Madhuri and Sanjay come to mind or Aish and Salman, but not really in the mood).


  2. I didn’t like Sabrina with Audry Hepburn nor the 1995 remake with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. Maybe your review can tell me why.

    As for Indian romance films, 2 interesting ones, Kadhalan with Prabhu Deva. I saw it years ago and seem to recall that he played the romantic lead. I adore him but I’m not sure if he qualifies as a lover. And Thulladha Manamum Thellum, which stars a very young Joseph Vijay whom I didn’t used to care for despite his huge popularity (Highest paid Tamil actor) but who has become of interest to me since Master.


  3. How did you know I was currently on a 90s movie song wormhole on Youtube?!?! I love all of these ideas, and I hope you get a chance to do all of them, but esp the songs and maybe music picturizations (such terrible 80s/90s outfits)?? I miss randomly cutting to Anand-Milind and Nadeem Shravan songs with the leads dancing on a hill.

    The only other thing I can think of is Hollywood/Bollywood remakes from the 90s? Didn’t French Kiss get remade into a Kajol and Ajay movie and isn’t Mrs. Winterbourne a remake of Kati Patang? That’s all I’ve got!


  4. OK here goes, sticking with the compare and contrast angle:

    Slackers/Kicking and Screaming – the Gen X slacker romance, was there an Indian equivalent or is this a contrast moment where the two countries were in totally different places?

    Muriel’s Wedding/Strictly Ballroom/Priscilla Queen of the Desert – were Aussie hits of the era more influenced by Hollywood or Bollywood?

    Titanic – was there ever any wildly over budget, self-important romantic epic that had the same kind of pop culture staying power?

    Edward Scissorhands – unconventional romance as a narrative device to crack open a complacent community and show who the real monsters are

    Thelma & Louise/Fried Green Tomatoes – women learn to do for themselves

    Clueless/ Cruel Intentions/ She’s All That – 90s high school and college romances – how are the school settings same/different from Indian 90s classics? color palette? character conflicts? both descended from John Hughes?

    Pulp Fiction/True Romance – true love is partners in crime – any down on their luck couples who shoot their way to a happy/tragic ending?


    • Slacker Romance: I think that would be Dil Chahta Hai? It took a while to get there, but they were there eventually.

      Aussie: Oooo! Fun question!

      Titanic: Nope, first big crossover hit to India

      Edward Scissorhands: Interesting contrast. Because in a less surreal way, this is what almost every indian romance is about. A couple falls in love, and it changes society.

      Thelma and Louise: Really interesting, it feels like third wave feminism just hit India, like, 2 years ago. So we are getting those movies now, I guess. But still not enough of them.

      Clueless etc: Heck, let’s talk remakes!!!! Most of the 90s high school American hits were remade in India, only set among adults. Isn’t that an interesting cultural statement?

      Pulp Fiction: Heck yeah! Let’s talk early Ram Gopal Verma!

      This is fun, you gave me loads of ideas!

      On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 11:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I just wrote out most of the 90’s Indian rom coms I love but I am editing the list for movies I don’t think you have reviewed yet, plus a bonus suggestion specifically to make Margaret happy.

    Edited list: Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Beta, Khel, Ek Ladka Ek Ladki, Andaz Apna Apna, Dulhan Hum Legaynge, Bol Radha Bol.

    Bonus suggestion for review: Ishq!!! You love that movie from what I remember and I can totally hate on it and tell you why I think it is terrible, but it will all be in good fun!


    • I LOVE ISHQ!!!! And I don’t see how someone who puts Dulhan Hum Le Jayange on their list of 90s movies is in any position to judge!!!! Ishq is so great. It’s like the platonic ideal of a bad-but-entertaining 90s movie. Oh Ishq!!!!

      (y’all should be grateful I didn’t make it the Friday Watchalong without even consulting folks)

      On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 4:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh I would love an Ishq watchalong. I can complain about how horrible the second half is. I haven’t seen Dulhan Hum Lejayenge in a while but for some odd reason, I love the chemistry between Salman and Karisma and the ridiculous plot like with her uncles!


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