Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Do a Puzzle and Watch MORE SNOW

Snow snow snow! More snow! Because 4 feet just wasn’t enough. Ugh!!!! Anyway, I’m starting a new puzzle, so my weekend is set.

Things to talk about!!!!

Shahrukh’s new post, he’s still looking good, despite using a bandanna weirdness on his hair:

Sid M continues to do whatever he can to make us happy, and has released a delightfully silly and sweet song video:

And Varun put up an instagram post that made me giggle!!!!

Okay, you keep talking, I’m gonna puzzle!

22 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Do a Puzzle and Watch MORE SNOW

  1. Just here to say I finished watching Little Fires Everywhere last night and it’s so good! I was surprised I liked it so much, it’s not usually my kind of story. I think one big thing that makes it work is it is a heavyweight duel between Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon, they are both fantastic. And ultimately as the layers of the story peel back, it digs into motherhood from every which angle in really interesting ways. And because it’s based on a book, the characters are complex and well drawn – young people included – and the plot has a shape to it that feels evident from the beginning but still takes you places you weren’t expecting.

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    • Really? That’s so great to hear! I couldn’t tell if it was going to be good, or just a Big Little Lies ripoff. Maybe that can go on my “vacation” list?

      On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 11:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Little Fires Everywhere is exceptional! I also think for once, the way the show differs from the book, makes it even better than the book. From what I read, the author collaborated with Reese Witherspoon and was able to have a second chance at changing some of the things the author wanted to explore but didn’t with the book.

      Also, completely agree that the show works because it juxtaposes two insanely talented women in ways that really show the complexities of motherhood but also all the complex emotions and problems that come with being female. Oh, it’s actually making me think of your comment about Tribhanga, Margaret. This is a show that is so clearly from women’s perspective about women!


      • Oh interesting! I didn’t read the book but I did find myself wondering which parts of how the plot unfolds were from the book and where they had taken liberties with the structure, because it’s exceptionally well adapted but still feels intricately balanced the way a book can. I saw Reese’s company co-produced, her book club is a big deal too. Having a powerful woman who reads starring and producing has to help the author get in the door.


  2. I just learnt that Bengalis celebrate Saraswati puja as Valentine’s Day.Can anyone on the board confirm this?Quite surprising since Saraswati is considered goddess of knowledge.


    • Lol, it’s more like a cheeky in-joke among Bengalis! Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, and so it’s mostly school and college students who offer prayers. Typically, they’d shower and dress up in traditional clothes in the morning (for girls it’s yellow saris), offer prayers wherever a ‘Puja’ is being held (neighbor’s home, community park, schools, colleges) and break the fast with the ‘Prasad’. You can then hang out socially with all your friends who’ve gathered there and there’s this novelty of seeing people (mostly girls) all dressed up beautifully, lots of fun banter to go around!

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  3. Made in Heaven 2 is definitely happening!

    Is anyone watching Miss Scarlet and the Duke? It’s about this first female detective in Victorian London and how she goes about trying to solve cases and running her dead father’s detective agency when no one takes her seriously. She has a contentious relationship with the Duke, her father’s protege and a police inspector. It’s very enjoyable, there’s one more episode left to be released for season 1 and they’re going to do season 2.


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