Chatty Check-In Post: A Variety of Food Related Questions!

Time for one of those chatty posts where we all just make small talk at each other generally feel sane again! And also because I am genuinely curious about the way the rest of humanity handles these issues.

Cereal: for you, is it more of a breakfast thing or a late night snack thing?

100% a late night snack for me. It’s never filling enough for breakfast, but it is just the right thing when I start to feel a little hungry a few hours after dinner.

Image result for cereal

Recipes: do you need them? If you have some random ingredients on hand, do you find an exact recipe to follow that uses them all, or do you just make something up?

Blech, recipes! So BORING!!! I use them as suggestions at the most. They give me how much leavening to put in and how hot to make the oven, everything else is open to interpretation. Boooo, recipes!!!

Image result for recipe book better homes
This is my one go-to recipe book, it gives me the general concept of what I want to make, and then I experiment in the gaps.

Pork or Chicken or Beef: Overall, which do you prefer?

Pork. Sometimes I am in a chicken mood, sometimes I am in a beef mood, but overall pork.

Image result for pork roast

Tofu or Seitan or Nothing; what meat substitute do you prefer, or would you rather avoid them all?

Nothing! I don’t actually eat meat that often (it’s just not practical for one person) but I prefer to get my protein from eggs and beans and nuts than from some substitute thing.

Image result for saiten meat substitute

Sour cream, or yogurt, or cottage cheese: you can only pick one, which do you prefer?

Cottage cheese! Sour cream is fun on top of things, yogurt is a must with spicy food, but cottage cheese I could eat morning noon and night.

Image result for cottage cheese

Yogurt, condiment or main dish: is this something you eat with a spoon from a bowl with maybe some fruit on top, or is this something you put on top of something else?

For me, I put it on top of something else. I never find yogurt that filling all by itself.

Image result for spicy food with yogurt

17 thoughts on “Chatty Check-In Post: A Variety of Food Related Questions!

  1. Cereal = breakfast

    Recipes = suggestions, but some are to be followed. The ones I like (like how to make chinese chicken salad dressing) I write down in a handmade paper book. The book you have a photo of is the book my husband grew up with, but I don’t like it because it says to use taco seasoning, instead of telling you what is in taco seasoning. At this point I know what is in taco seasoning (paprika, cumin, garlic & onion), but I didn’t when we first married so I wasn’t a fan.

    Pork or Chicken or Beef = CHICKEN. Environmentally I have not seen definitive proof that chicken farms are destroying the world. I KNOW that cattle grazing severely impacts land and on the US East Coast the pig farms are places I would want to stay far far away from. My husband loves beef, but just this weekend I felt a little ill after eating too much grilled chuck roast. I can only handle so much beef. I should note that a close friend who grew up on a ranch finds chicken
    gross as it must be cooked or can poison you. But I consider cooking food normal. Soon we will be buying some 4-H pork so what was a rare meat in our house will become more frequent. The fact that multiple religions forbid pork make it my least favorite. Also spouse worked on search and rescue and I have morbid reasons to suspect pork as well. But I do eat it!

    Meat substitute = I like tofu. Not as a meat substitute, as a food in and of itself. I like it raw, I like it cooked, I like it seasoned, I like it plain. I find the idea of not wanting to eat meat, so then making things that are like meat but not, strange.

    Sour Cream or Yogurt or Cottage Cheese = hard one. I love sour cream. I like it in salad dressings and on our many many Mexicanish meals. I can and have substituted yogurt for sour cream, but I love the sour cream more. However the six year old lives for yogurt. a bowl of plain yogurt with some sprinkles on top is his go to. Sometimes we put honey on top, but due to sticky mess I prefer sprinkles. And I need to eat yogurt every now and then for health reasons…. So familywise yogurt is the keeper, personal taste bud wise I would go for sour cream, and cottage cheese gets left at the store.

    Now that I’ve thought so much about food I find I’m hungry.


    • Cereal: madness! It doesn’t give me nearly enough OOMPH to start the day.

      Recipes: I see what you are saying about Better Homes and Gardens. Of course for me, that means I get to invent my own taco seasoning which is the big fun plus!

      Pork or chicken or beef: I’ve decided not to worry about environmental impact since I eat so little meat. If I am having one single serving of meat a week, that is a sustainable amount environmentally speaking, is my theory. And yes, pig farms are disgusting and depressing. In IL, it’s the plant in Beardstown which is one of the largest in the world. Depressing, stinky, bad labor practices, etc. etc. But again, I eat SO LITTLE!!!! My pork consumption could in theory be supplied by buying a locally raised pig that was butchered individually.

      Meat substitute: Ick! Tofu! I am opposite, I don’t like it under any circumstances. But I agree that it is silly to pretend something is meat that isn’t meat.

      Dairy: now I want cottage cheese for lunch.

      On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 11:50 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • We eat meat almost everyday, though my meat includes fish and sea food. Personally I could go vegetarian, but I prefer to stay married. My brother broke up with a serious girlfriend partially because her food restrictions affected his life enjoyment, and the one couple I know where the wife went vegan after marriage, are now divorced.


        • Makes TOTAL sense. Living with others is so restrictive. Living alone, I just eat whatever I feel like. As in, “this week I feel like cottage cheese” and then I just eat cottage cheese every meal for a week. It’s like heaven.

          On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 3:54 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Cereal: no cereal at all. I used to eat it as an afternoon snack, without milk, years ago.
    Recipes: Yes. I don’t have a good cooking imagination and need somebody to tell me: you can mix this and that and cook it like this.
    Pork or Chicken or Beef: Chicken, I love it in all forms – roasted, fried, grilled, boiled
    Tofu or Seitan or Nothing: Definitely nothing
    Sour cream, or yogurt, or cottage cheese: I don’t eat dairy anymore but I really liked cottage cheese and it’s one of the very few milk things I miss.
    Yoghurt: on top of something else.


  3. Cereal isn’t something I eat often, except I put granola in my morning yogurt. Yogurt by a mile in that line up of dairy options! I guess I prefer beef over pork and chicken. Love a good steak or burger.

    I haven’t tried all the meat substitutes, but I’m not a big fan of tofu. Something about the texture.

    As for recipes, I mostly follow them. I do make alterations, but I don’t often completely wing it. I use a recipe app now called Paprika which allows me to scale recipes up and down, since it’s just my husband and me most of the time now.


    • I go through cereal phases. Always have it on hand for emergencies, and then long stretches (like now) when I can’t go to bed without it. And then I get over it.

      On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 6:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. A comment on the Yoghurt/sour cream stuff.

    I prefer bulgarian buttermilk with rice. (Rice can be cooked in a microwave oven)
    This goes well with any of your favorite chinese takeaways.

    Agree that cereals are not filling when had in morning. Probably you could try low sugar granola with whole milk as an alternative.


  5. Cereal: I grew up with it as a breakfast food but don’t eat it anymore because after living in Spain it felt like a huge amount of milk for an adult person to consume every morning. Still my kids’ weekday breakfast though, big points because they can make it themselves.

    Recipes: I taught myself how to cook with the 1997 edition of Joy of Cooking (the one where they took out all the pre-made ingredients like canned mushroom soup until people complained and they put them back in). My style now is to look in the fridge and see what I have and make something based on the bag of tricks I’ve collected over the years, but I still go to cookbooks for ideas and to check my memory on the seasonings. Now my standby is How to Cook Everything, which I like in part because he tells you how to mess around with his recipes, and the internet when I’m looking for new ideas or need inspiration for a specific combination of ingredients.

    Meat: chicken. A comfort food and so versatile, can be made into whatever form of dinner you’re in the mood for and goes well with most cuisines.

    Soy: tofu, also versatile. We’ve mostly cut out meat during the week, tofu helps bulk up a veggie dish.

    Dairy: love all of these but I’d go with yogurt, again for versatility. My childhood favorite was my dad’s dessert special, fresh berries with plain yogurt and maple syrup on top. In my young adult single stage, I also made dinner many nights from muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit (which come to think of it might count as cereal for dinner?). Now I mostly eat it as a topping for oatmeal or made into a sauce, so I guess I’m noncommittally in the topping category.


    • I know that Joy of Cooking!!!! It was my go-to for a while, but then I switched to Better Homes and Gardens. I think mostly because my Better Homes and Gardens edition has little tabs so you can easily flip to the section you want.

      Being in a young adult single stage myself, cottage cheese, plain, is sometimes lunch or dinner. It’s delicious and filling and all I want, and who else matters?

      On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 11:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. We start all our weekdays on cereal, though there tends to be a second breakfast later on. And it’s usually whole grain stuff with a little more fiber.

    I really have no idea how the ingredients work together, so I struggle with even the simplest substitutions in recipes. If I’m given a new vegetable, I need to google a recipe.

    Chicken for versatility, we have it probably once a week on average. Which makes some nice juicy beef more special when we do have it.

    If I can’t have meat, I’d rather cook a nice daal or eat peanuts. Fake “meat” is just fake.

    I think I like yogurt for that very versatility. I can put it on my cereal, mix it with fruit or herbs, put it on top of savory dishes or mix it into a dessert. I can even dilute it and drink it. Though I’m not sure I’d be satisfied with yogurt and nothing else for a main meal.


    • Has your kiddo learned how to use a spoon yet? Or is cereal still a finger food?

      My parents are in the habit of just cooking up skinless chicken breasts once a week and having them on hand. You can heat one up and eat it plain for dinner, or slice and add to a breakfast fry up, or whatever you want. I always think I should do that too, and then I don’t. But really, you can only do it with chicken, other meats just aren’t quite as flexible.

      The coolest thing about yogurt to me is that you can use it as a substitute in almost any baking recipe. Sour milk, buttermilk, eggs, almost anything can be substituted with yogurt instead.

      On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 8:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • See, and I did not know that about yogurt. Case in point for my reliance on recipes.

        And our little one is definitely very proficient with a spoon already. Right now he’s at the point where he’ll repeat: „stick in, cut behind“. Not really good with knife and fork yet, though.


  7. Cereal: We don’t have good cereal here. When I go home I like to have a nice bowl of Fruity Oatie-Ohs or whatever you all are eating over there, but I don’t do cereal here.

    Recipes: a formula if you are baking (but I don’t bake well), but a suggestion if you’re cooking. This is one of the few fights my sister and I consistently have: when a recipe says “Sprinkle one half cup of cheese over the top” it does not mean “Carefully measure out a half a cup of cheese and level it with a knife,” it means, “Throw some cheese on top and stop before it becomes a huge pile. If you’re going to the store, half a cup is a good amount.”

    Beef, baby! In this country we pay $60 for a steak and we like it!

    It’s frustrating when people in other countries hate tofu! You only know a tiny part! I hope you’ll keep an open mind and eat Japanese tofu if you ever find it. You only have one or maybe two kinds of tofu in the US, but we’ve got dozens here and some of them are completely different from what you know as tofu. Or don’t, fine. More for me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


    • No see, I am the kind of person who doesn’t measure water/oil/etc. either. I have a mug next to the sink just for this purpose, when I have to put a cup of something in something, I fill up the mug and eyeball it.

      Ooo, now I want a steak! The American “Japanese” steakhouses, are they any good?

      I should try more tofu, seeing as I live in Illinois, Soy Bean Capital. If we can convince more people to eat tofu, then the farmers will be richer, and they will pay more taxes, and the schools and roads that I use will get better. It’s all on the tofu to fix the state.


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