The Key to a Good Vacation is Flexibility!!!!

Quick vacation update!

The plan was for me to get up early this morning, shovel out my car, then go off on driving adventures. But I got to the car, spent about half an hour trying to shovel, and realized it just wasn’t possible. And then I discovered there are apps for this! I can just PAY MONEY and make someone else do it!!! So instead, I am sitting in my nice warm apartment watching TV waiting for someone else to shovel out my car. And thinking about having someone bring me fancy coffee/breakfast in my nice warm apartment too. Vacation budget!!!!


4 thoughts on “The Key to a Good Vacation is Flexibility!!!!

  1. I don’t expect you to respond to this until Sunday or Monday, but there are apps where you can pay money to have people shovel your driveway/car?!?!?!?! Why have I been shoveling all these years???

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    • YES! I was standing in the middle of a pile of snow that had barely a dent after half an hour of shoveling, and I pulled out my phone and searched “shoveling apps”, and poof! there it was! “Shoveler”. You put up a bid and wait for someone to accept. I put up a freakishly high bid because, you know, what price freedom?

      I’m not gonna do it on a routine basis, but this time it was perfect!!!! My car hadn’t moved in over a week, it was covered in a literal record breaking amount of snow, the thaw was coming in a few days, I just needed a one time dig out and I would be set forever and ever.

      Also, I felt like such a millennial!!!! I probably could have found an enterprising young person walking around with a shovel looking for jobs just as fast as using an app, it’s a Chicago tradition to walk around with a shovel looking for work on a snowy day. But I’d have to pay in cash, and I don’t have cash, and I’d have to talk to a stranger, and I don’t want to talk to a stranger, so I used an app instead.


    • It turned out great! I was going to leave first thing and get a fancy breakfast on the road, then drive far away for cheap gas and Costco and the last heated dog bed in Chicago. Instead, I ate pancakes at home while someone else shoveled, and then I did the same trip but dumped Costco, and got a fancy lunch to take home instead.


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