Vacation Update 2! Grumpy Day, I Shall Extract the Poison By Sharing It

Last official day of vacation and, as sometimes happens with vacations, it’s all discombobulated and grumpy. I’m gonna send my irritants out into the world in this post, and see if that helps me get over them.

Ready to go “ew”? Last night I saw so many bugs in my kitchen that I had to email the landlord about it. They’ve been steadily increasing since the units around me emptied out and the building did big construction in them (I am picturing all the bug households going “ahhh! The roof is falling in! Quick, pack everything up and move to Margaret’s house, it’s the only safe space left!”). I cleaned, I sealed all my food, I bought my own traps, weeks and weeks of this, and no improvement. And now I have to wait for the landlord to do something and it’s all GROSS.

So I slept poorly last night, picturing little bugs everywhere. And I woke up super early at 5am. But then I thought “hey, I’m on vacation! I’m gonna just get up and start the day”. Of course, I had to order breakfast, because I can’t eat food from my kitchen right now (SO GROSS). So I order breakfast from a local coffee place. And then my order doesn’t come doesn’t come doesn’t come. And I finally realize, DUH, it’s Saturday. Seeing as I live in the Orthodox neighborhood, the coffee place is closed and won’t open until tomorrow, my order was scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Okay, second try, order again from somewhere else, I get the alert it’s been delivered, I get a picture of where it was left…not my lobby. Call the delivery person who reveals that my address for some reason translates into a different address a block away in their app. So, no food.

Third try! I have now been awake 4 hours and I am STARVING. I end up with a delicious amazing breakfast from a really great local bakery (well, semi-local, 2 miles from me because everything in a mile radius is closed on Saturdays). Fruit and nutella French toast and whipped iced coffee, divine.

Image result for nutella french toast

Anyway, my plan for the day was to sleep in, have breakfast, then have a spa day and read A Discovery of Witches. But instead, I think my plan is going to be writing this post in order to process my bugs/breakfast fury, and then being very lazy and doing my new easy big piece puzzle until I am ready for a nap.

Image result for ravensburger acts of kindness puzzle

9 thoughts on “Vacation Update 2! Grumpy Day, I Shall Extract the Poison By Sharing It

  1. Well, a cockroach climbed over my face one night in bed some years ago, inspiring me to quit work so that I would have time to clean my house. But it doesn’t sound like cleanliness is your issue. On a health note people have been eating bugs since the beginning of human existence and eating more bugs is one way people propose to deal with hunger with our ever growing population. You can already buy bug flour. The breakfast story is rough. Sooo frustrating. I hope writing it out made you feel a bit better. I hope the rest of your day goes well. In my twisted sense of humor I really wish I could order you some bug flour pancakes for breakfast, but alas I can’t find them for sale in Chicago. Perhaps that is a good thing. Things can always turn around.

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    • AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Also, when we were the age of your kids, my Mom wrote a one act play about lice. Because it had become her greatest fear/obsession. She shared it with some folks, and fellow mothers immediately reacted and said “yes! This is creepy and terrifying!” and non-mothers went “what? Huh? Why are you interested in a play about lice talking about their plans to take over your house?” Somehow this feels related to your cockroach story and cleaning houses.

      Awwww, I love the idea of you sending me bug flour pancakes!!!! And yes, things did turn around!!! As I mentioned to Emily, turns out when you are grumpy and teary and tantrumy, sometimes you just need to eat something. This is a fight my sister is currently having with her one year old all the time, and apparently I am no smarter than him, and I still think I can just power through and my emotions are unrelated to my hunger.

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  2. Oh yeah, fumigate. A pain but it will be so much better after. Never used to believe in poison but after living with cockroaches in NY I learned what a difference it can make.

    The nutella french toast looks amazing, and changing your plan because you feel like it is the best part of vacation. Hopefully today is better now.


    • Today (yesterday) was much better after breakfast! Isn’t it amazing how that happens? My Mom has been telling me that I need to eat when I feel grumpy since I was the age of your boys, and it still hasn’t fully sunk in. Maybe life is just terrible! Maybe it’s unrelated to the fact that I haven’t had breakfast yet!!!!

      My new plan is to take photos and then send my (now vaccinated, yaaaaay!) father into the local hardcore hardware store and get them to give him poison. I just don’t believe the building will do anything. And I would rather fix it myself than nag them and threaten them and so on.


  3. I have ants in summer, a mouse or two in winter. I must be weird because I clean up the evidence and keep on keeping on. But I understand and sympathize. I don’t know if I could have shrugged it off in my thirties. Now, I’m just happy not to be alone in the house.The Nutela breakfast looked amazing and I know it helped you forget the long wait. Have something equally, sinfully delicious for dinner. Tandoori with naan and coconut rice? Sausage mushroom pasta? Pierogi? Fried chicken and dumplings? I’m making myself hungry. There’s a bunch of great after-puzzle stuff on TV. Have you watched Mystery Road? Aaron Pederson might be the Aussie SRK. I’m sending happy thoughts your way. There’s always another vacation and Spring in coming.

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    • Living in apartment buildings with so-so management, I have gotten used to seeing 2 or 3 mice a year, and one serious kitchen bug once or twice a month. I just use my mental blocka nd ignore it. Fruit flies and ants, I’ve had those, and I can take care of them myself. But having a little bug party crawling all over food that I set down on the counter one second ago is GROSS!!! Anyway, I have a plan now, I’m gonna make my Dad fix it instead of waiting for my lazy landlord.

      For dinner I ended up having Thai food!!! It was delicious. And for lunch I had a BLT with a milkshake.

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