DCIB Book Club: Emily of Deep Valley or Ranson’s Folly? Heroic Boy Romance or Thoughtful Girl Romance?

Either of these is fine by me! I love Ranson’s Folly and am always ready for a re-read. And I have not yet read Emily of Deep Valley, but it gets amazing reviews and was specifically called out as a “perfect quarantine read”.

Ranson’s Folly

Richard Harding Davis was the king of romanticizing brave reckless young Americans of the 19 oughts. This is a fun novella about a good nature brave rich man’s son who ends up an army officer stationed on a post in the far West where he is more interested in the quiet thoughtful beautiful modest trading post owner’s daughter than all the fancy officer’s wives and sisters who throw themselves at him.

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No fair just watching the movie! You have to actually read the book.

Emily of Deep Valley

This is an internal kind of story about a “wasted year”. Our heroine graduates high school but cannot leave for college with her friends because she has to care for her ailing grandfather. But the year of quietly doing nothing leads to great internal growth and increasing maturity brought about by seeing her hometown and the world around her ever more clearly. Oh, and there’s a romance.

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Both of them are available on kindle or in hard copy pretty easily. Both of them are fast reads (Ransom’s Folly perhaps a little faster).

Which do you prefer?


11 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club: Emily of Deep Valley or Ranson’s Folly? Heroic Boy Romance or Thoughtful Girl Romance?

  1. Oh, I vote for Emily of Deep Valley also. Thanks to you, I am been on an MH Lovelace kick so I may as well continue! And just the whole aspect of self-discovery plus romance appealing to me.


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